I am concerned.

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Hi. My name is Tyler.

There is a problem with your game community.

FatalForceZ has people that are crashing the Slammin Butt Pirates server and forcing them to join their server.

The FatalForceZ server has no admin regulation and is lousy with hackers [E.G. Speedhackers, aimbots, ESP...]

Even their admins are hacking.

I didn't retain screenshots of console->status 'cause steam doesn't recognize the screenshot button.

This problem needs fixing.

There are a lot of peeps who play outside of SBPs' timzone.

And I feel too sad to play much these days.


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    I haven't seen said crashes caused by anyone in particular. And when they do crash they are back up right away generally.

    You can always just copy and paste the status from the console then they can be watched carefully if any such incident happens while they are around.

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    To report hackers/cheaters, please see here. But before you post there, make sure you have read and understood everything in this thread.

    If there is an issue with the Slammin Butt Pirates server, you can contact a server admin and inform them about it.

    Aside from that I am locking this thread. Starting threads to try and give others a bad reputation is not allowed.
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