Pris de fer achievement keeps resetting

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Hello, I just recently got the "keg whore" achievement for the skirmisher and decided (since it has been a long time since I unlocked an achievement) to check out the achievements I still haven't unlocked. I saw "6/8" on the HK the locked achievements were the 1M damage one (only 1/42UURB left to go ^^) and pris de fer at 3 kills out of 100... months ago I actually just tried and tried to unlock this achievement and got around to 60~ kills, got bored and played other stuff.

I just realized I should've just been straight to the point and not have a whole backstory to this oh well. So mr. dev dudes if you werent aware of this little bug, well now you know! And has anyone else run into a similar situation?


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    Usually, I either miss the block, mis-time the block, mis-direct the block, get the block broken, miss the counter, or fail to kill with the counter... But other than that I'm fairly certain my progress on this achievement isn't being tracked properly. I'll get more data tomorrow.

    If you don't think you should have included the backstory... Why didn't you delete it?
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    My progress was tracked properly, the only thing was that the progress wouldn`t show up when checking the achievement in steam.
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