Whats YOUR favorite thing about pvk2?

HaxxHaxx Senior
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Hey guys, I got a question for all you PVK2 gamers out here.

Well, I guess I'll say mine first......

MY favorite thing about PVK2 is definitely the community. I mean yes, there's only a small amount of people that play PVK2 but everyone seems to know each other.
It almost creates a sense of family(Lol creepy) in the game that I usually do not experience in other games.

So..... what are u guys favorite thing about PVK2??????



  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Community creations!


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  • AsmundrAsmundr Senior
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    • fast, challenging gameplay
    • and nabbing with certain nabs ofc :icon_yay:
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  • Echo of the pastEcho of the past Members, Senior
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    • The unique, fun and challenging combat system
    • The great quality of the mod and the amount of work the devs put in it
    • The awesome people of this community I met (you know who you are)
    • Attack parrots
    • Odin's pizza place!
  • DinahDinah Skirmisher's wench PVKII Team
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    Probably the best melee system in any game i've played, does not feel clunky and is very statisfying.

    Jumping and airstrafing is the best feature though.
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  • HaxxHaxx Senior
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    Community creations!


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  • SquirrelSquirrel Senior
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    'Hailing' with the Archer! :icon_yarrpirate:
  • AsmundrAsmundr Senior
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    Butterknifing all day long with archer I forgot :archer: :wub:
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  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
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    Fun combat system, sexy maps, great voice acting, parrots etc. Oh and it's free.
  • DenshinDenshin Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    The smooth, arcadey style offering countless hours of replayability.

    QUOTE (Trojan•Clinique @ Nov 8 2011, 08:06 PM)
    Denshin is a rather overpowered class.

    QUOTE (Lucas =) @ Jan 12 2012, 08:16 AM)
    We're currently working on making Denshin less OP.

  • JunusJunus Senior
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    There's too many good things about it to just pick one favorite part. But to sum 'em up pvk2 has the perfect mixture of fun gameplay and goofiness.
    The game doesn't take itself too serious and offers a satisfying combat system which I consider an excellent combination. The classes are all fun and the maps are swell. Everytime I play pvk2 it's guaranteed that something will make me laugh, be it the humorous voice acting, some silly situation that occured or the players on the server doing something wacky. The devs are also a pretty cool bunch and whenever I play with them and my fellow testers I know I'm in good company.
  • AfroamericanAfroamerican Senior
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    Nothing! I just like to spend huge amounts of my spare time to play games I don't enjoy. :emot-awesome:
  • JerreJerre Senior
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    - The great atmosphere on the maps.
    - The combat system
    - Pirates! Yarr!!
    - And of course, it's free!
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  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    The amazing characters is definitely the highlight of this mod. I can't think of many first person shooters where I can associate myself with any character or all of them.


  • JollyRogerJollyRoger Members, Senior
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    Seems recently anytime someone makes a topic its copied shortly after by another person, just a personal observation.

    What originally got me hooked to PVKII was how fast paced the combat is and how you can dance through a battlefield taking minimal damage with quick judgement on who is going where,The community can be on the troll side during certain times but there are no games that compare in adrenaline when you are in the middle of a good team deathmatch and come around as the last person standing on your team fighting the last person on the remaining enemies team.. :icon_viking2:
  • lillemakkenlillemakken Senior, senior
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    Being able to hit enemies from a distance I'm not supposed to with melee weapons
    According to pvkii.com/forums,
    - Reaching enemies beyond your weapon model isn't a problem(you're just bad at dodging!)
    - Archer isn't overpowered
    - Higher post count is equivalent to higher skill, experience and knowledge in-game
  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy Authorized Creator
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    ^^^ Buzzkill. -_-

    My favorite thing about PVKII is its versatility. Overall the melee system is the same for each class, but the weapons vary, and it takes a lot of thought to really get good and fine tune your skills. I like being able to master things.



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  • HaxxHaxx Senior
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    Oh no its the Spirrwell!!!!

    You keep your Chip Skylar nonsense away from me XD
  • bERt0rbERt0r Senior
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    MY favorite thing about PVK2 is definitely the community.

    WTF!?!? Looks like I've been gone for too long. I'll be back, then lets see what you think of da community, you girly man.
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  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    The kung fu master feel after going 1v2 or something like that :P
  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    The rich map environments (i mean just look at island). getting to play as a stereotypical pirate. the fact that its 1st person and class based. 3 teams facing eachother (not the usual 2 like in other games) hilarious voice lines and (unlike chivalry) fast paced gameplay. Also the fact that its updated about once a year and has some developer support gives me a reason to keep playing becose i look forward to the new stuff coming kinda like tf2 in that regard......and the fact that its free helps too :emot-awesome:
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  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    Damn double post
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  • KNUDA.knatchKNUDA.knatch Senior
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    Favorite thing about PVKII? Confusing people by doing the objectives, getting into the groove of the ebb and flow of a 3 faction'd battlefield, parrot kiting people, huscarl special people off the ledge on frostbite, saving my specials for one single target a whole game just because that person has been complaining about specials in chat, joining an empty server to finally play some trinket wars and having it populated over an hour until there are enough people on the server that they vote for arena or island and none of them have an explanation as to why they'd ever vote for a map that has 70% of all the usually populated servers devoted to it so you just leave the server with this empty feeling inside as if someone stole your baby right from your arms. The best of times.
  • TenebrisTenebris Senior
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    Every single moment I spent in this magical pixel-world is worth of mentioning. Good job, Devs. Good job.
  • shabbashabba Senior
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    beeing called a hacker:

    *DEAD* LastGhosT101 : hacks
    Shabba Rank : why?
    Shabba Rank : im not using hacks bro
    LastGhosT101 : how can you 1 shot me
    Shabba Rank : that was 3-4 hits?
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    LastGhosT101 : no 1 shot
    Shabba Rank killed LastGhosT101 with bigaxe.
    You give bonus 1 HP, for kill enemy
    *DEAD* LastGhosT101 : see
    *DEAD* LastGhosT101 : 1 shot
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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  • TenebrisTenebris Senior
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    May I add, I love being called a hacker when I use Aimbot as Archer with the Butterknife.
  • Saias9Saias9 Senior
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    The occasional moments of weird joy, whenever everyone kills each other and they just laugh it away lol.
  • felipe3214felipe3214 Senior
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    Why do i like this game:
    -No Killstreak
    -No Perks
    -No Kill Confirmed
    -Voice Commands
    -Fun Gameplay
    -The Specials Ofc
    -Hl2 Mod :)
  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    I feel like im in "The deadliest warrior" :D
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