Server crash: No such file scripts/npc_sounds_birds.txt

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I started up a PVKII server last week (for the first time) using this guide, I installed SourceMod and a bunch of plugins, and everything works perfectly.

The only problem is, every now and then (roughly 3 times/day) the server will suddenly freeze for 2 seconds, then after a pause, it crashes.

When I check the console I get the error:
CSoundEmitterSystem::AddSoundsFromFile: No such file scripts/npc_sounds_birds.txt

Here is a screenshot.

Any ideas?

*Note: Until recently I thought it was an occasional error, but apparently clients can cause it (a griefer known as "Nazi DDOSer" connected, the errors appeared as in the screenshot, and the server crashed.


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    Thanks for reporting, I added those ID's and IP to the banlist.

    Now all that's left is to find out whether this error is only causal or can actually occur through an actual error in-game (not including griefers). And if so, we should find a way to let the dev's fix it.
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    Well, in theory, you could try adding an empty txt file called npc_sounds_birds.txt, and that may make it shut up about the error. It would be considerably silly if it caused some kind of crash by it not finding the file. It shouldn't happen, but I know I'd probably just be paranoid enough to just do it because I'd be sick of seeing the error.



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    I posted this to check if anyone else encountered this (eventhough Google searches did not find anything related).

    From what I can gather, this may just be an error that can somehow be caused by griefers looking to overload/crash servers, though I haven't been able to confirm that's the only way it can happen.

    I'd first like to confirm whether this is just my server (perhaps due to bad installation etc.) or a common problem, then I'd like to pay attention to a possible fix.

    Well, in theory, you could try adding an empty txt file called npc_sounds_birds.txt, and that may make it shut up about the error.

    I may try this, just in case it does happen to fix it. Problem is, where do I place it (again I am new to setting up Source servers, all I've done is follow the guide linked in the op).

    Thanks for the responses, looking forward to more.
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