Horrible stuttering?

VikingTheMadVikingTheMad Senior
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Ok so last time I played this game was a few months ago and when I came back it suddenly has horrible stuttering.

I'm going to assume it was a update I didn't notice but has anyone found a way to fix heavy stuttering on a high end computer? I can't remember my specs or how to find them (I'm not typically having issues with this machine so I never need to) so all I can say is it is a alienware laptop and can run Crysis 2 on high fine but not PVK2.


  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    PVK2 is not the most optimized game in the world and it only uses 1 core also its a laptop so over heating will come into it. you could try lowering the resolution or play with the rates in console
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