I'm still waiting for it to be made

CrackpunchCrackpunch Senior
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Ages ago, Gheed and I were talking about a custom version of Arena. Instead of a volcano, it would be a giant bong, and instead of lava, you'd drown in bong water.

I talked to someone about making it, but I guess they didn't have the time.

I figured it couldn't be that hard to make, so anyone want to give it a go?

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  • Ninja-ORCNinja-ORC Senior
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    I was there. The people making this map smoked too much and lost motivation. Actually I'm rolling a joint now anyone else smoking out let us know. Hijacking this thread for stoners.
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  • TschoppoTschoppo the choppin´ Senior
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    :D no
    Would take a pretty big time commitment to do a good looking bong and all those particle effects in source.
    And in the end.. you have a bong map


  • simiussimius Senior
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    Aw man, reminds me of the beginning of Lord of the Weed - some germans might know that. (It's Lord of the rings dubbed) Also I just found that "joar" sound on Dr. O's server which got utilized in said filmlet
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