Our Apologies to the PVK2 community.

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Greetings. I've not been here nearly as long as certain other players, but given a rather enlightening experience on a couple of servers, I was informed (multiple times) that I, along with a friend, am part of the cancer that is killing PVK2. I was told I should make a public apology, and I have decided to do exactly that.

I apologize that this community is full of vicious white knighters that only feel the need to speak up when they have less new people to own because they chased them off with rude behavior.

I apologize that I never showed the "Respect" due to older players and instead demanded it for myself.

I apologize that I angered said veterans by pointing out their hypocrisies.

I'm apologize that I was a better troll than they were, hence why the community must rally against us, even as it denies it has played a responsibility in its own demise.

And most of all, I apologize for Lightran, Killer and Margaret Thatcher Booty Snatcher. Without these individuals, where WOULD this community be? Mic spamming is an art, and they proved it to me time and time again.

again, I'm legitimately sorry for ruining your party, much like Forest Gump was sorry for ruining Jenny's "Black Panther Party".
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    u so cool

    Join us! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PVKANZ A group for Australians and New Zealanders
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    i seriously hope lightran wasn't a part of this, and i doubt he was, he is a good friend of mine, and always behaves when i play with him....sigh. i don't want associate myself with trolls..i'll talk to him at some point and see what he says about it.
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    My Mother sent me to Vietnam to Straighten me out, I was Twelve...

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    And you are?
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    Maybe I need a break from PVK.

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    I like him.
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    Not exactly a very worthwhile bump of this topic. It's an old and a pointless thread. Locking this one.
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