Knight Class: The Blacksmith

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Not another one -.-. PVKII has already enough classes, there’s no need for more, there’s enough work to do." I know that perfectly well, as I’ve been playing PVKII for a long time now, seeing how long it takes to develop classes.
But you GOT to check this one out!

The Blacksmith


The Blacksmith is designed to take up the same role as the Cleric, the support-/healer class of the Knights. He could replace him or just be an additional class. Instead of restoring Health Points, he provides armor regeneration.
Not too strong in combat, not much health, but rather fast, stats like the Skirmisher maybe.
He’s just way cooler than the boring, old-fashioned Cleric. ;-)

(See picture)

I imagine him as an elder man, not very tall, strong arms. He has a short trimmed beard and grey/white hair. He wears no armor, just regular clothing and a leather apron. He also wears Leather boots with iron caps, and leather or iron/chainmail gauntlets. The look is pretty similar to the engineer’s in Stronghold 2 (in case you’ve ever seen those).
Also he speaks in a Scottish accent.


Primary Weapon slot

The freshly forged short sword (1). His main Weapon in case of Battle. One-handed, light weapon. Somewhere the between butter knife and the skirmishers cutlass.
The Trick: After spawn it’s still blazing for a certain amount of time, dealing extra damage, maybe even damage over time. This gives Knights a defensive advantage when the battle is near their spawn, another way for the blacksmith to support his team. It wears off after 20-40sec, or when emerged into water. So better think twice before chasing your enemy into water ;) This is also equivalent to the pirate’s pistols that won’t shoot when underwater. The blazing state could be reactivated (Special attack, or using a fire (torch/camp fire)on the map).
Balancing possibilities: Attack rate, damage done, duration of blazing state.

Secondary Weapon slot

Dropping armor Pickups (2). The Knights rely on heavy armor to protect themselves. Instead of dropping healing potions the Blacksmith repairs your armor! Respawns after a certain amount of time, like the Captain’s Parrot.
Balancing possibilities: Amount of armour restored, respawn rate, Team specificity: only Knights can pick it up vs. everyone can.

Third Weapon slot (3)

Throwing hammers / Horseshoes
Not sure which one would be cooler! The throwing hammers work basically like the Huscarl’s throwing axe. But they are much heavier, so the (weakling!-) Blacksmith can’t throw them as far, and can’t carry as many. But they deal much more damage!
The Horseshoes would be pretty much the opposite; light, quick, and not so deadly. The Blacksmith can carry up to six of them and when charging for throwing he can hold on much longer at full charge than other classes can hold their throwing stuff.

Alternative Third Slot

A bellows (4) for defensive purposes. Basically you press and hold the mouse button to furnish a strong blast of air, lasting for 2-3 seconds. After that, it needs a longer recharge time.
What is this good for? It has a variety of Functions: It blocks any projectile when properly aimed in the direction of the shooter.
In close range it works kind of like a concussion grenade, slowing down enemies and distorting their vision. Maybe it even pushes them away from you. Deploying a smoke screen would also be an option (sharpies would hate it :D )
Balancing possibilities: Functionality, Recharge rate, Radius.


Some ideas I’ve had:

Shower of Sparks
The Blacksmith strikes his hammer at his sword, sending out a wave of sparks that damages nearby foes and pushes them back.
Forge Sword
Again, the blacksmiths strikes a hammer at his sword a few times.
This is used to reactivate the blazing state of the short sword. Because it may not be that strong for a special, it could fill up pretty quickly.
Craft Juggernaut-Armour
I’d like this one because it would be a support special. It takes the blacksmith a few seconds to craft a superior armour pick up, which can be picked up by teammates and improves their armor significant. Could be handled like the overcharged Health Condition when under effect of the Trinket, but stronger.

Dropping an anvil on someone’s head would be a great special too! Although I don’t think this is feasible in many ways.

This is it! I think it would be a great class to implement as it offers interesting game play, requires tactical thinking, fits perfect in the game, and would simply be an awesome class! Check-out the picture I’ve photoshopped to see what I’m talking about!

Now I’m awaiting your Bitchslaps and/or High-fives. :-)

(I haven’t modelled or drawn anything in the pic myself, so here are some Artwork-Sources: )


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    There's one problem I can see right away with having an armour repairing class for the Knights. The other teams would need such a class, too. This as you can imagine would be a lot of additional work and I just don't think it's going to happen any time soon. Wouldn't want to get too ambitious with the amount of classes and trip over one's own feet when it's just too much.

    Aside from that I can see some very intriguing ideas there. I am especially fond of your ideas for specials. The sparks idea is particularly interesting. It's unique and useful. Or the flaming sword special, which is a buff special, similar to of the Berserker. Repairing armour though... I am unsure. If it were to replace the Healer class, it would be significantly less useful than a Healer would be, simply because you can't survive on armour alone, but can survive on HP alone.
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    Welcome to the forums :icon_grog:
    You made this?
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    There's one problem I can see right away with having an armour repairing class for the Knights. The other teams would need such a class, too. This as you can imagine would be a lot of additional work and I just don't think it's going to happen any time soon. Wouldn't want to get too ambitious with the amount of classes and trip over one's own feet when it's just too much.

    The idea was that the Knights get a class that restores armor, where the other theams have healers - just for more diversity - not that all teams get both. I agree that restoring health would be stronger than armor, so that's a problem. On the other hand im pretty sure there are balancing options that can make up for that. Like having a better recharge rate and healing more AP than a healer would heal HP. Or just giving the knights team a "healer" who's better im combat than other team's healers.

    Yes, I put the pic together using other sources.
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    That is awesome! Would be tricky to put him in the game though.
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    good idea
  • yushyush Senior
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    High five. Implementing Blacksmith instead of cleric would be awesome.
  • GotchaGotcha Senior
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    An alternative to the armor pickups could be a "mixed supply bag" that restores some health and some AP. No disadvantage for anyone, and still it would be unique and fit in.
    Don't know what it would look like though. Maybe a piece of armor and some food...
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    i really like the idea, it sounds good and i think it would set apart the knights.
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