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out of all of my time in pvk, the only thing i havn't been able to figure the little yellow coin/symbol!! somtimes when you hold Tab to look at the player chart/score chart/whatever you want to call it, you see a little yellow tab where it woudl show a picture of their player class. what is that? i thought it was rivals, but i just don't know!!


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    The gold icon shows you your dominator.
  • simiussimius Senior
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    the guys who kill you get that icon. If you land a kill or assist on them you will get an extra point for it. it will say something about revenge in the upper right-hand corner under the kill. hm anything else?
    i suppose every enemy can be your dominator at the same time (don't know anything about a cap1), that's how you can get the highest possible score in one round of lts.
    "rivals" yes

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    ah okay, so i was right....thanks!
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    And it only occurs in Last Team Standing as far as I know.
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