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Hey guys, I finally got round to doing another video and the topics I chose to discuss was attacking and blocking (aka the combat system). I wasn't sure if I should of posted this in my previous thread or make a new thread all together, so if I'm being a pain, please let me know *puppy dog eyes*. Anyways it can be found here:


Please let me know what you think and if I have missed anything, I have a hunch that I have, like the previous episode le sigh - Dave

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    new threads for each video isnt bad it will allow you to discuss each topic directly and help prevent thread derails

    now to watch!

    Edit notes!: ( will add to this as i watch)

    1) recording quality went up cheers to that!

    2) i noticed you said you need a source GAME like tf2 to play. Which isnt entirely true, not knocking on yah but i wanted to make sure you knew you only need SDK Base 2006 and SDK Base 2007 to play the mod. These can be found in the tool's section of the steam library :D.

    After watching the video fully I have nothing other to add but great work and keep it up.


    Cheers and well good mate!

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    I will first off say that I love the structural, straightforward information that you very efficiently explain in a video under ten minutes. Unlike me, who prefer making it like a fluent commentary on the go. You have a grand narrator voice.

    But of course; regarding the contents in the end, and I believe we discussed this, saying how "two handed > one handed" is probably not the best way to put it, considering well.. gestirs spear is held by two hands and it's a medium weapon. :D

    Otherwise, great work.

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    This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO !
    Especially if you just started with PVK this will cover the very basics of what you need to protect yourself and become a force to be reckon with.
    Thank you Davidian for being the David Attenborough of PVK.
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    Maybe explain the shield and that jumping makes you do more damage, otherwise its a good beginners guide :D
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    Thank you very much guys. I knew id missed something out. May get away with it but I will probably remake these videos when the game gets updated so that their is always a current version, but that depends on how much things get changed in the future updates. Anyways, I cant wait to do my next video :D

    Off topic question: How do I post videos in the PVK official steam group? I can post in the discussion but cant do a video post?

    A pair of working hands will achieve more than thousands of pair of hands praying

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    this is how every situation in pvk should be handled....


    combine this with your video's and youll be unstoppable
    My Mother sent me to Vietnam to Straighten me out, I was Twelve...

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    Good video indeed. I enjoyed it, your voice has a very relaxing effect on me. Good job
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