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Is the berserkers lawnmower for?

and dont make snide jokes thinking you are all that.


  • CrackpunchCrackpunch Senior
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    edit: Effective dps that is. His big axe can be dodged or blocked much more effectively than the axe/sword combo.

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    Personally, I love the lawnmower, especially when you're on berserk and you can't be parried, just hold down attack and there's not much your opponent can do, if he starts swinging in retaliation just time your own blocks and continue splitting skulls like firewood.

    The lawnmower can usually send your foes into a bit of a panic and I love using it on particulary archers and heavy knights.

    And of course, the dualwield becomes less reliable when you're up against people who're proficient with the swordsmanship business :S But that doesn't stop you from using it solely for the fun factor. :D

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  • PeepeewilsonPeepeewilson PVKII Team
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    It works well against weaker targets who insist on frantically jumping around to evade your strikes. Also excellent for people who don't know you're behind them; You can eat away a large portion of their health before they're able to react.
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    It's for trolling against reallybads
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    It's for trolling against reallybads

    dat comment
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  • DrauliusDraulius Banned
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    The lawnmower is a pain in the ass if you are a low health class (Skrimisher, Archer), and you are usually fragged when attacked by it from behind before you have time to get away. Basically, it has it's moments. Use it on runners, dinahs, archers, and players low on health. It isn't very good otherwise, but I think that's the point of the weapon.
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