Oh Dear, You got blood on my suit!



  • IamDaveIamDave Senior
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    The amount of blood seems slightly too much
  • JervanJervan Senior
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    Read the whole topic before posting please...
  • TonttuTonttu Senior
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    Keep those juicy pics coming! icon_agapirate.gif
  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Sometimes the math for decals I suspect can have bugged situations where the math does not work properly. One is often at displacement seams when the two displacements are overlapping each other, and often on walls where you will have it also show up on the floor too.
  • LordTrilobiteLordTrilobite Baron Grunwald disapproves. Senior
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    I've also noticed btw that in TF2 sprays get a lot more often bugged then in other games, so I guessed it was the OB engine.
  • JervanJervan Senior
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    Ah well, can't be bugless I guess.
  • HarliefHarlief Baby get Shakey after school Senior
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    The blood is awesome, let the servers run red!
  • RootJackRootJack Senior
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    "The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!" -Corn Holio (who needs T.P. for his bung hole)
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  • SigmooSigmoo Senior
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    Nice more blood/realism....

    Yah the blood on the walls does seem a bit in excess (maybe not tho idc....)

    The blood on the weapons look amazing/realistic though!

    Wheres the blood on the knights/victums though =(

    If would be cool of limbs came off 2...

    Left 4 dead has good gore/limbs flying all realistic like... it would be cool/realistic if pvk2 had l4d style of gore imo.

    This maybe too much to ask of the devs. that are probably busy with other things =/

    Thanks again for the game

  • SigmooSigmoo Senior
    edited 11:40PM
    QUOTE (Jean Lafitte @ Oct 8 2008, 05:10 AM) »
    1 Just to let everyone feel happy, when i started pvk 1 i was a big n00b but i ruled everyone with the spear and i was terrible with anything else.... 2 all that blood makes me sick. 3 would be nice to have a customizable emblem on your shield, just like having different coloured parrots.

    Maybe there should be a enable/disable gore option for those who do not wish to see blood.
  • HarliefHarlief Baby get Shakey after school Senior
    edited December 2008
    PVK2 isn't about realism, it's escapism. The lack of wounds on the players keeps lag down, and keeps the gameplay light and fun. You want to see blood? Go work in an abbatoir.
  • pleasefpleasef Senior
    edited 11:40PM
    An option for desabling blood would be nice, but I wouldnt make it first priority.
  • HarliefHarlief Baby get Shakey after school Senior
    edited 11:40PM
    Wow, I just re-read my post. That was harsh. Sorry...
  • Jean LafitteJean Lafitte Senior
    edited December 2008
    PVK2 isn't about realism, it's escapism.

    To be more realistic, those patches of blood look like if some parrots were brutally tread down. The blood should be more liquid and should be more round, blood that is made like drops and not that vectorial stripes that make it like a big pressure made the blood splashed with vertical stripes, or it looks like bloody lines of clever slaughtered parrots.

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  • gubbegubbe Senior
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    I-just-came IN MY PANTS.
    The HK is looking stunning! Also like the splatter =)=))
  • DrauliusDraulius Banned
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    Looks great, can't wait!
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    You're fuc&#157;king stupid.
  • DenshinDenshin Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    And here I show up thinking it's a new fun thread :'(

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    We're currently working on making Denshin less OP.

  • LucasLucas Walter White Members
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    Same >:C
    Tschoppo wrote:

    hello dear, said banana pie, but all of a sudden it came to life.
  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Why does Draulius keep bumping old threads?

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