iG Servers - Trinket Wars and Last Team Standing

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Howdy, PVKII players. I'm proud to say that Lego, leader of Invincible Germans clan, opened a brand new server and let the popular requested Last Steam Standing mode return by Trinket Wars server's side.

iG | Trinket Wars [EU]

18 Slots

iG | Last Team Standing [EU]

22 Slots

Both servers have fastDL, are protected with Sourceban and include HLStats. Moreover these features are shared with two friend american servers: Gentlemen\'s Club [Island|24/7|Mature|HLStatsX|NYC] and Slammin Butt Pirates CUSTOM|FASTDL, offering the whole community an empowered service especially about hackers and cheaters banning. You'll find some further informations in the link below:

Our servers not only provide 24/7 activity and great stability, but are also opened (with some days' notice, of course) to guest clan training and clan wars.

I'm very sure that our servers will contribute to get PVKII community stronger and stronger, but we need your help guys, so feel free to join and try them out by yourselves!
I'm Resurrected Phoenix, #1 Europe HEIÐRIK KONG Fan and Founder of European-Canadian Alliance.


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    I haven't played pvk2 in a while but last time I did I remember the trinket wars 24/7 server. Was glad that we euros finally got one. Correct me if I am wrong but I also think the LTS server was also there.

    Why post this now though? I think people found out about the servers long before you posted this.

    Still, thanks for the servers, good thing that people are keeping this mod alive.
  • R-PhoenixR-Phoenix Simpering Beggar Senior
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    Well, the first iG server was Arena only, then it was changed to Trinket Wars: that's the very reassumed history of iG server. It's been just a couple of hours since the second iG server was opened. So, a new topic was necessary.

    By the way, thanks to you for your greetings. ^^
    I'm Resurrected Phoenix, #1 Europe HEIÐRIK KONG Fan and Founder of European-Canadian Alliance.
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    i like this, you guys are getting some different maps :emot-awesome:
    {-KR-} dannyjohnson2121
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    I approve this server. There's no choppyness or lag at all and it's filling rather quick!
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