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looking for old files
Dear pvkers,

It's a long shot, but I am hoping someone on the forums still has copies of my pvk1 maps. They weren't terribly great, but they're mine.

The list includes: pvk_defender, pvk_selune (please burn that one), pvk_ultima, pvk_ultima2, pvk_zombies!

Any help is appreciated,

Doomy McDoompants, that guy who made a map with zombies in it.

Edit: pvk_defender... what a generic name. I had trouble remembering it.

So close yet so far...
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  • ElgenElgen Senior
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    I put on 'The Doors' for the first time in years. At the bridge part of 'L.A Woman' it's impossible not to think of PVK, so I figured I'd stop by the PVKI forums and check for signs of life. And there kind of was!

    Concerning your maps, I've got some good and some bad news. The good news is that I'm 98% sure I have all of them. The bad news is that PVK is on my old ass stationary computer. I'm abroad and won't be heading home until January or February, but if you haven't gotten them by then I'll ship them right over smile.gif

    This is unrelated, but there is one very serious matter I have to address. I might have said it before or several times, I can't remember. Anyway, I consider myself a fair player, but I knew all the dirty tricks and didn't hesitate on using them back on whoever used the on me. However, there is one incident where I used a dirty trick by mistake. I'm losing sleep over it to this day. I don't remember the map name, but it was definitely in the desert and had a tower in the middle where people threw kegs to kill the players who cared about points. Right next to the tower was a tiny room where you could stock up on armor and ammo. I have a very vivid recollection of you as a HK and me in that room, having an intense life and death struggle. In all the excitement and confusion I accidentally touched the skinhack button. (!) Needless to say, that was bitch ass move and you have my sincerest apologies. I'm sure it's been on your mind a lot as well. In retrospect I of course acknowledge that I never should have used dirty tricks even against the dirty trickstaz. It is almost 10 years since it happened now and I hope we can put this behind us.
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  • [STA]Wallace[STA]Wallace Senior
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    dirty little skin hacker flail exploiting bhopper
  • anemoneanemone Senior
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    desertruin_old it sounds like to me.

    good sire, we need your fine sensibilities and gentlemanly manner in the pvkTWO community, please reacquaint yourself with game play as of now. <3

    love casper

    kinship is open for boarding,

    sign the board and let flotsam become .s2

    the uncurstable; the untouchable— alliance, coalition, syndicate, kinfolks.... coterie

    s2 'You'
  • EksterGansEksterGans Senior
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    includes more to burn: pvk_ultima2b1, pvk_ultimabeta2, pvk_zombies!_beta1
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