If You Let Me Inside Of Your World

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Justin Bieber Fan Fiction
If You Let Me Inside Of Your World

“Ohmygod, Destiny it’s almost our turn!” Sara squeaked excitedly to her big sister. The 15 year old girl nervously pushed a strand of her glossy, black hair behind her ear. “I hope I look okay.” She had spent two hours perfecting her hair and makeup. Her hair was pin straight, her skin smooth as hot chocolate, and lips shining with lip gloss.

“You look fine,” Destiny reassured her. Destiny was 23 years old and was doing her little sister a favor by bringing her to Justin Bieber’s autograph signing in Atlanta. They were last in line and Destiny wasn’t exactly thrilled to be in the mall with a gazillion teenage girls who were screaming and crying.
Destiny rubbed her temples in frustration. “Why are we here again? Who is this teenie bopper that you just had to meet?”

“Justin Bieber, duh! And he’s not a teenie bopper,” Sara said, rolling her eyes.

“…Okay,” Destiny said, still not having a clue as to who this pop star kid was.

“C’mon sis, don’t tell me you don’t know who Justin Bieber is.”

“Actually no I don’t. Ever since we’ve moved here, I’ve been too busy taking care of you to give a hoot who he is.”

Sara smiled up at her sister. “Well once we meet him, you’ll realize that waiting in line for three hours was worth it.”

The line inched forward and soon Sara was standing in front of Justin. He was busy signing someone’s poster, so he didn’t see Sara right away. Destiny stood behind Sara and placed her hands on her shoulders. When Justin looked up at them, Destiny let out a small gasp.

“Oh, man” she whispered to herself. Her eyes widened as she looked down at the boy sitting at the long table.

“What’s the matter?” Sara whispered.

Before Destiny could answer, Justin looked up and greeted them. “How you ladies doing today?” he said, with a smile on his face. They both answered him with “good.” Sara slid him her copy of My World. He started signing her cd, but right in the middle of writing his last name, his head snapped back up again, doing a double take. His eyebrows pulled down in slight confusion as he gazed at Sara. He stared at her for so long that she started to feel weirded out.

Sara shifted on her feet nervously and smiled. “I love your music,” she said. She didn’t know what else to say. She just wanted him to stop staring at her like she was an alien.

“Don’t I know you?” Justin asked. “Sara, right?”

Sara’s mouth flew open. “How did you know that?” Sara looked at her sister. “Destiny, he knows my name.”

“Oh no,” Destiny mumbled. “I knew coming here was a bad idea. I didn’t know that he was Justin Bieber. Sara, we need to go right now.” Destiny grabbed her sister’s hand and tried tugging her away.

“Wait a minute, Des. He knows my name. What’s going on here?”

Justin stood up from the table and walked over to them. He wrapped his arms around Sara in a tight hug. “How ya been? Haven’t seen you in like two years.”

When Sara just stared back him, he frowned. “It’s me, Justin,” he said.

She blinked. “I know who you are. But how do you know me?”

“Sara, dear,” Destiny said. “We need to go, we’re holding up the line.”

“We are the last ones,” she replied.

“You seriously don’t remember me?” Justin asked with a hint of hurt in his voice. “We grew up in Stratford, Canada together. We were friends since first grade, until you moved two years ago before I got discovered. We were neighbors and best friends. Don’t you remember any of that?”

She shook her head in confusion.

“Look Justin,” Destiny cut in. “You’re upsetting my sister. Just stop. You don’t understand, okay.”

“Hold up, hold up,” Justin interjected. “You remember me, Destiny. I can see it on your face. So how come she doesn’t?”

Destiny sighed and looked to Sara who still wore a confused expression. “Sara, honey, will you go down to Starbucks and get us some drinks. I want a latte. Here’s some money. I’ll be here when you come back.” She handed Sara a twenty.

Sara took the money and started towards the food court. She turned around. “You’re going to talk about me when I’m gone, aren’t you?”

Destiny laughed lightly. “Just get the coffee, girl.”

When Sara was out of ear shot, Destiny turned to Justin. His crew was
getting his things ready so they could get out of there.

“Ready, JB?” asked one his security guards.

“Nah, give me just a minute. I’m talking to a fan.”

Destiny cringed. She wanted to get this over with. “Justin, Sara has amnesia. She was in a car accident that killed our parents. Luckily she survived but she suffered severe trauma to the brain. Her memory is gone. Thankfully she remembered me when she woke up, but she doesn’t know our parents are dead. She thinks our parents are on vacation in Hawaii. I just can’t bring myself to tell her. She’s been through so much already.”

Justin’s mouth fell open.

i didnt write this


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    Yea, these old times when Bieber was not corrupted with money and Usher's BS...

    I think he WAS normal.

    But money corrupts...
    I am sorrying for my poor English.

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    I was expecting a Fresh Prince or Walk the Dinosaur ending.
    Oh well.
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    Wait, you actually read it?
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    I read this from top to bottom. Inspirational and heartfelt. 10/10
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    i would post part 2 but there's no way I'm going to remember which one of the thousands of "i <3 bieber" forums I grabbed this from.
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    QUOTE (Mayday @ Jul 1 2011, 09:10 AM) »
    i would post part 2 but there's no way I'm going to remember which one of the thousands of "i <3 bieber" forums I grabbed this from.

    oh noes -.-


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    I just read the goddamn thing. Ingenious!
    I have an aristocratic smile and like to punch people
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