The Ole' Pirate

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A Tale Of An Old Pirate
An old pirate with his grey long beard,
set out to find some booty.
So he sent his mates to scout for the treasure.
His mates reported they have found it,
"It is in the knight's castle,"They said.
"Its walls are thick and forbidding,
the only way in is a frontal assault."
"Arhhh,A frontal assault we shall do!"
the old pirate replied with zeal.
His mates then attempted to destroy the walls with gunpowder.
They managed to blow an opening into the wall.
But in their way,it is the Knights stationed within the castle..
"We have protected this treasure for half a century!"They shouted,
"We are not gonna let you lay your filthy hands on it."
A bitter battle was waged;
The pirates drew first blood,using their remaining explosives,
They blew away the surviving knights away from the outer wall
and forced the knights to retreat to the throne room.
The armoured knights blocked the doors,
they know that this is a battle that they cannot win.
They have not faced such a threat for a long time.
They are preparing for their last stand
And prayed to their god for the very last time.
As the knights gave their last prayers,
the pirates are getting ready their cannon to destroy their last defences.
The leader of the knights,Sir David Gala,picked up his claymore
And yelled a mighty battle cry that could have broken a lion!
The pirates blowed open the doors and started flooding in.
The knights charged at the pirates and a mighty fray erupted.
The pirates were using their cutlasses and soon got the worse of it.
However,suddenly,a musket shot hit David in the head ,
the knight's leader stumbled and fell on the ground,dead!
The remaining knights demoralised after their leader's death,
were quickly crushed by the merciless pirates onslaught.
The old pirate cheered with his men at this remarkable victory!
However,victory comes at a cost,
Many of the old pirate's best mates are dead or wounded;
they have used up nearly all their gunpowder as well.
But it is worth it,hundreds of gold coins awaits them.
Precious antiques from a bygone era,
trinkets as well as silver ornaments is now theirs!
The pirates immediately started filling their pockets full of treasure,
and started to carry the booty to their vessel.
The wounded were even given second place due to the treasure.
Many of them died on the spot due to massive bleeding and infection,
the rest have to endure the pain until the others are done.
However,the victory is short-lived.
Almost immediately,reports have been coming in that,
mysterious boats have been appearing in the docks.
The owners of these boats dubbed themselves as "vikings",
and are poised to attack them over the booty.
The old pirate is not worried.
"Let them come,"he said,"we shall kill them all the same!"
Half of the original pirate crew is gone;deserted or died,
their ammunition is running dangerously low.
The mates wanted to set sail as soon as possible,
to evade the vikings,who are most certainly to come.
But the old pirate would have none of it,
"We have not finish moving all the treasure,"he said,
"I will not have these scally wags have a cent of our booty!"
Many of the crew agreed;they did not think much about the vikings
or even see them as a possible threat.
They are going to pay dearly for their Na


  • Teh_SuxTeh_Sux Senior
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    Whoa whoa whoa, the booty was on the boat not in the house. How could he have possibly burned with it at the end?
    And why did you put ellipses (...), it's over. Anyways, that was just a small detail.

    Other than that, pretty cool.
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  • CryderCryder Senior
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    Nice story biggrin.gif

    I like it a lot, nicely written smile.gif
  • Links121995Links121995 Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    It looks like it should rhyme but it doesn't, and it doesn't flow either.

    Aside from that though, it's excellent.
  • se05239se05239 Senior
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    I see you cannot put a space between words with a "," near them.
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