PVK II IRC Channel

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Just reminding you all that we do have an IRC Channel!

It is:

Server: irc.quakenet.org
Channel: #pvkii



  • Sonic7145Sonic7145 Senior
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    cool biggrin.gif
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    i dont realy understand what an IRC is our how to use one, id like to learn tho, could someone explain how i would go about using the pvk IRC chanel?
  • MahaTmAMahaTmA Senior
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    Set it up as follows:

    Choose your nickname
    Find the server named .quakenet.org (or just Quakenet)
    type in the command line: /j #pvkii
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  • DecipherDecipher Senior
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    Just don't make the first thing someone sees of you talking be a quote from spam emails, or that person will look like a fool. :oops:
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    cool, tnx MahaTmA i can join now... i think, there wasn anyone on when i joined so im not quite shure if i did or not, but now i know wat an IRC is biggrin.gif
  • WackoWacko Senior
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  • Cpt.LaketonCpt.Laketon Senior
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    its useless when playing PVK , coz you would need to play the game in windowed just to be able to talk on mIRC at the same time
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  • WackoWacko Senior
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    Aside the fact that I always play windowed: You're not playing PVK 24/7, are you? wink.gif
  • BadGuyBadGuy Senior
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    Plus it's a great place to bash devs!

    Here is an idea: A post-pvk-trauma involving me whining how the reworked netcode was never implemented in pvk making the sniper rifle very hard to use biggrin.gif
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    Maybe I need a break from PVK.

  • Brother PedroBrother Pedro Senior
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    If you are using firefox, I suggest you to check out Chatzillia (or something like that..should be pretty easy to find with google.
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  • JeffJeff Senior
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    I use this - http://forums.mattie.info/chat/chat.htm

    To get on my other IRC channel I frequent... does PVKII have one of these? I am not a big fan of having to install/config extra software and I have found most IRC clients to be less than user friendly.

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  • AdrianAdrian Senior
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    If you use Firefox, get ChatZilla, but if you want to chat online with a browser client, go too http://webchat.quakenet.org/ and type Nickname, then write #pvkii on the "channel" bar, good luck.
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    Dude, come on. Let's be reasonable.
  • PaladinPaladin Senior
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    The #pvkii IRC channel is usually quite. Is that Normal because I dont see it for chatting, more so for an emergency.
  • NerieruNerieru Senior
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    I also had periods

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    this isnt a problem since I havent even noticed this.

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