Berserker special weapon change bug

GetalifebudGetalifebud Senior
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If I have the big axe out and then activate the berserkers special and swap to the sword/axe combo it doesnt change properly and then appears to leave me with no weapons (althoguh I can attack so I guess I just have invisible weapons).

Anyone else find this?

Can I give any more information?


  • se05239se05239 Senior
    edited 10:14AM
    I am having this as well, but I fix it by changing weapon.
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  • DeafmuteDeafmute Senior
    edited 10:14AM
    I've noticed this too, although with Captain as well and not just when a special is ready. It's fixed with another weapon switch but still kind of irritating.
  • Sir StalwartSir Stalwart Senior
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    Yeah, I notice sometimes the huscarls 3rd person axe model is invisible to me as well, anyone get that?
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