Some small poetry I came up while playing PVKII

Food for your thoughts
Camping in a coconut tree,
as absurd it might seem,
I still owned three noobs,
without losing a hp.

Whenever I see booty unguarded,
I shall run in circles in joy,
That is......until
I get smited in the face.

Whenever I am pushing up daises,
I look forward to food,
But it always pissed me,
when my teammate snatches it ,
out of my view.

When I am going archer,
Many targets I see.
everytime I fired,
it landed on someone's head,
but then again,
it always landed on my teammate.

An enraged berserker,
couldn't catch a little pirate.
He tried and tried ,
Until He was killed........
By the pirate behind him.

The gestir,
with his nasty javelins,
manage to land one,
in my buttocks.
But he seems to forget,
that I am his teammate.

During a game in pvkii_island,
The vikings and pirates attacked,
each other at the start of the round.
But seems to have forgotten,
Who holds all the chests.



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    Nice, I like it. Especially that some of those situations are often seen ingame.
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    Vikings and beer,
    not the best combination,
    I found that out,
    after they raped my team.

    A might viking,
    stole 6 chests by himself.
    But hang on,
    he is the only one ,
    in the server.

    The rolling boulder,
    in the map pvkii_temple,
    narrowly missed me.
    While it missed me,
    It hit the one with the holy grail instead
    Now that is what I call an epic fail.

    A team of noobies,
    what a joyous situation,
    especially when they let us kill them for free.
    When we killed the whole team,
    we wondered,
    What happened to our gold?

    A might knight,
    slayed many foes.
    But there is one he could not smite,
    And that is the little pirate sitting on his back.

    Many is a skirimisher,
    who used his keg,
    but to no avail.
    He put it to his misfortunate,
    however in fact,
    he has been throwing it at his teammates.

    A huscarl,
    is a mighty foe.
    with his mighty axe,
    his strong sword and shield
    and his deadly throwing axes.
    But there is one fact he couldn't ignore:
    He couldn't do his special,
    with his shield drained dry.

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    Shouldn't you like put all the class-speaking stanzas together instead of putting them with the newbies-owning ones?
    I have learned my lesson at last and may have a real forum signature thanks to the kind mercy of Bingo Bango
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    Lovely good Rhythm
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    Where is the food? huh.gif

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    It expired
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