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I got too much of it...
Randomly during a server, on low ping servers or high ping servers alike, everything sort of like stutters their way forward, like warping one meter at a time for a few seconds. My ping is on average between 40-60 and I have a solid internet connection and I can play other games like TF2, Killing Floor and similar on maxed graphics.

I don't know the problem but it can, and have, messed things up for me. Can anyone here help me?
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    while connected to server, type in console "net_graph 3". It will provide you with packet loss and choke. On stable connection, packet loss is 0. Choke can happen depending on ping, so 0 - 15 choke is ok.

    If you got big loss, it means you losing packets from server, so your client doesn't receive enough info to keep up with server side changes, it would cause visual lag. Also see your fps, isn't it it goes to 1-5 during lag?

    There also been steam beta released, which seems to broke some stuff. But don't blame it before you checked net_graph 3 and fps.


    If you got loss:
    1) Make sure firewall (software/hardware) not blocking PVK
    2) Renew cfgs, if you modified it, by deleting it
    3) ...
    4) profit.
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    Well, i never really had problems until a couple days ago. i had good ping and saw lag on every server. somebody told me to type ''rate'' into the console. it was pretty low, compared to the 10,000 he told me to change it to. i typed ''rate 10000'' into the console and hit enter. i havent had probs since.
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    For all reading pleasure. Yes, rate command might fix it as well.
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