Daft Punk in hubb jubb addon

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Little addon modifying hubb jubb club.

Hi, I made a little PVK addon for pvk_island's hubb jubb club.
It changes few textures and both turntables songs and their design. Because I love Daft Punk, It's both my little remix smile.gif

ENJOY ! (and post reactions smile.gif )

> DOWNLOAD (.rar file) <


To INSTALL this addon, place the "ADDON" folder to your pvkii root folder ('SteamsteamappsSourceModspvkii')
and then run install file in it.

To UNINSTALL this addon, simply run uninstall, from the ADDON folder.


The installer is a .BAT file, so you can rightclick and "edit" it, for ensuring yourself that it's not any virus. (You'll see only few copy commands)


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