Locked clan matches available at Dark Ages

ParaSwarmParaSwarm PVKII Team, Applicant
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Password-protected clan matches are now available at Dark Ages! Please let me know as far ahead in advance as you can (atleast 2 days would be best), the estimated times the match will take at, and which clans will be participating. PM me in the forums with this information. Looking forward to hosting some good fights wink.gif


  • eggzoreggzor Senior
    edited 12:44AM
    Its a good idea but i doubt theres enough (any?) clans that play clan matches.
  • ParaSwarmParaSwarm PVKII Team, Applicant
    edited 12:44AM
    I'm saying it's available for those who want it.
  • FergFerg Senior
    edited 12:44AM
    Actually, I believe that He-man and I would like to make use of this if you and Ev3 will join us, so that we may have some 2v2 practice (or larger even if we can arrange it). Can you remove teambalance as well?
  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
    edited June 2008
    In pvk_arena, we could parent and move the spawns to the middle of the arena and remove the elevators so you can't run back for food.
  • FergFerg Senior
    edited 12:44AM
    That would be great. having to suicide after every match always gets annoying and makes it difficult to tell how well you are doing. smile.gif
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