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hi guys..

Now ive downloaded and played your game today, I was very impressed!

I am interested in "mapping" for your team!

Now I am familierised with the cod series for mapping. However I havent mapped with source engine yet!!! So I will start and I will provide examples of detailed / quality work.

This isnt something that will take me 5 minutes, it will take weeks maybe, because I like quality in maps and detail! smile.gif

I would be interested in making all kinds of maps ranging from a pirate sea battle of three ships (knights/pirates/vikings) with TOTAL mayhem. To seige maps.

Just letting you know im here and willing to help. I believe this mod has a very good future ahead!

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  • BlackBurnBlackBurn Senior
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    Please submit work while writing an application, and a bit more detail about you would be useful as well.
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  • LhorkanLhorkan PVKII Team, Senior
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    Scorp, be sure to show us a plan or orange blocked version of the map before you start putting in a lot of detail. Map design is even more important than good looks!
  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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    I think his idea of "mapping" isn't what you guys have in mind. By "mapping" do you mean making maps, or something sinister?
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    something sinister
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