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    Here's my thoughts.

    If it is an exploit, then it should be fixed in upcoming patches. If it is not, then it should be allowed. In both cases, the problem is a lack of clarity over the server rules which do not specify clearly to eradicate misconceptions that people have over this.
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    They're all transsexuals... but you wouldn't know that, YOU FAILED THE TEST

  • BladeBlade PVKII Team
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    Yes, he may not have known it isnt allowed.
    I did tell him it isnt in the server, as a result i was rewarded with flames and accuses of me exploiting.
    So perhaps he didnt know i am an admin, thats why you get to appeal any ban, but there is a way to appeal a ban, the way he did is not acceptable.
    Since his first post, he flamed and behaved like animal throughout the thread, thats no way to appeal a ban, he should look at other threads in this section, thus, ban stays.

    Normal counter - your speed is walking speed, you cant get far with that attack before time runs out. (What everyone are doing)
    Exploit counter - your speed is running speed, you can get far with that attaack before time runs out. what was fixed. (demo wasnt included so people wont see how to exploit this).

    About that exploit; Its quite clear it is an exploit, i only found out about it because few dedicated european players told me they found an exploit.
    Even when you look at it, it has that weird buggy animation, what can give you a better clue.

    The amount of people who know about that exploit is insanity low, what also may imply it is an exploit and wasnt meant to be in the game, as almost no player is using it or know about it.

    So some players choose to have a leverage and ignore few of these logical indicators, and some probably missed those, but i am happy with the fact its not easy to find out, thus, almost no one is using it. he is actually the first person i saw using it in a public server and i played quite alot.

    Now, players who look at this thread may become confuse, as him and his friend call it a "timed" counter attack, but dont get it wrong, its an exploit, its not only hitting mouse 1 after perfect parrying an enemy, it involves with more keys and wasnt meant to be part of the game, its a bug.

    *Edited post because some of its parts were misleading.
  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    It's an exploit, he was warned, chose to respond rudely, got banned.
    He came in insulting the admin who banned him, who's also a valuable member of the team.
    Come 2.1 when the exploit is fixed, he can appeal his ban again by apologizing to Blade.

    You don't come in here condescending our team members, then expect us to help you out.
    For the others insulting our testing team for missing bugs, try it sometime. If you could see the amount work that was done behind the scenes to release with as few bugs as possible, you'd realize how ignorant your statements were.


  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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    Sounds fine to me.
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    QUOTE (Gee Hawd @ Nov 20 2007, 11:59 AM) »
    They're all transsexuals... but you wouldn't know that, YOU FAILED THE TEST

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