Invincible Parrot

MaydayMayday Engineering SupremeSenior
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This one is kinda weird, I've never seen it before so it may just be a one time fluke.

I was in a server just now, on pvk_arena, and I was a Captain. A berzerker started attacking me and killed me as soon as my parrot killed him, but according to the notice, the parrot killed him after he killed me even though it appeared to be the exact same time. Instead of my parrot dying, it flew around some more and attacked more people and I spawned with a second parrot but it couldn't be used - it would only call back the already fighting parrot. However, I was soon kicked because people realised that their attacks weren't hurting it even though they were clearly hitting it.

I rejoined and my parrot was still there killing people, but when I went out to the arena, it flew at me too for some reason. It wasn't doing any damage, but it was attacking me. Like I said before, I have never come across this bug myself or have never heard of it from others. I don't understand anything about it, and I tried taking a demo but I only got about 7 seconds in before I was banned.

-invincible parrot
-doesn't die/remove itself when I am disconnected
-second parrot view model after death
-attacks pirates (no damage)


  • FergFerg Senior
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    Wow... I came to this topic expecting that someone had made a post about how parrots are too powerful and can't be killed only to find the most bizarre bug i've ever heard of. smile.gif
  • Doctor ZyoDoctor Zyo Senior
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    Haha, That's truly Hitchcock worthy.
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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    You are quite the bug finder miss smile.gif. It would be really awesome if ya had pictures or even video, but either way thanks for bringing it to the attention of the devs and we testers will look to see if it occurs in progression of 2.1.

    So you got banned for finding an exploit sad.gif. Contact blade and he will try to get you unbanned as I do believe he is the man for that concern.

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  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
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    It was some European server that I had never seen before. It's alright, I can stay banned.

    Also, I typed in: startmovie parrot
    in the console. I thought it was to record a movie, but it just made my fps drop from like, 250 down to 5. I'm pretty sure I did it wrong, I'm sorry sad.gif but for next time, how do I do it right?
  • BlackBurnBlackBurn Senior
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    record <demoname>
    To play it you write play <demoname>
    Yarrr parrot!
  • TheMoonTheMoon Senior
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    startmovie records everything as a series of many screenshots afaik, check your pvkii folder, they should be in there.

    Also, very weird bug...
  • Lord KelvinLord Kelvin Senior
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    LOL biggrin.gif invincible parrot... that is a funny bug
    I would die to see that recorded demo
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  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
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    The server was "James' Pub"

    If you ever see it up, ask the admin Kalec about it. I'm sure he'll remember.
  • MitchMitch Banned
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    lol! good thing this bug is almost impossible to do on purpose! or people would be throwing parrots in to servers then leaving to do it some where else xD
  • TallyTally Senior
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    Also, that is perhaps the most hilarious bug I've ever heard of for PvK.

    Not sure what's wrong here, but one thing's for certain: The parrot went solo. Basically, it's not even recognized as your parrot anymore, possibly because of the photo finish kill there. So, instead, it's now a neutral entity that roams around pecking whatever it finds. I'm certain the no damage to pirates thing is a hard-coded safeguard against some fluke of a teamkill.
  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    That's just Gerald, he shows up every now and then.
    Feed him a cookie and he'll go back to his home on island.


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