"kicked by console: 5860"

SyndromESyndromE Senior
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meaning ?
I got kicked with that messege, and would like to know the reason.

got this while performing a knight's special @ desert ruin, taking 4 players down.


  • RectumRectum Senior
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    I don't know about the 5860, but kicked by console usually implies an admin did it.
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  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
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    On Teamplay.de, correct?

  • SyndromESyndromE Senior
    edited 12:35AM
    I dont remember the server's name.
    do you think they kicked me for ripping their asses ? biggrin.gif

    (im known as "SyndromE {M.M.F}", every now and then another noob think im cheating...)
  • Lord KelvinLord Kelvin Senior
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    did you try reconnecting to that server again?
    if you got in, admin probably kicked you by mistake
    if you got kicked again, admin hates your guts smile.gif
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  • -Valemarr--Valemarr- The Smiting Smiter Senior
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    Probabaly killed an admin and 3 of his buddies and got kicked hehe

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  • SkuzzlebuttSkuzzlebutt Buttskuzzle Senior
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    u always get kicked from teamplay.de for onwing admins tongue.gif
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  • TobbeNTobbeN Senior
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    A tip, don't play on Teamplay.de.
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  • MitchMitch Banned
    edited 12:35AM
    either means you were being a douche or the admin is a douche and i highly doubt your a douche cuz from your other posts you seem like a nice guy. you were on teamplay.de right? lol that admin is a retarded n00b cake he bans people for killing him and typing NEVER go there EVER!!!!!!!111111111one hundered eleven thousand
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