New Map for 2.2?

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Hey, thought I'd get some journal action going by posting about my new project I'll be working on which I hope to have completed for 2.2.
The map's name is pvk_zeppelin and it will be territory.

The screenshot is a quick glance at the Pirate spawn. Right now most of the layout of the map is done, but it's all blocky and in dev_ textures so I'll be holding off on that until I get some detail in.
The main objective of the map is a moving Zeppelin. Those of you familiar with the grogboat maps in PVK will know what I'm going for. The territory the players are fighting over will be the Zeppelin which moves around the map. The action will be concentrated on the ship itself, but many one on one duels will be had as players run into each other throughout the map heading for the ship.
What makes this unique from other moving territory maps of the past is the lack of water to swim around and with the territory. If you fall off the Zeppelin, you fall to your doom, which makes shield charging and lunging a bit dangerous!
Altogether it's shaping up to be a rather fun map, but still has a long way to go and I'll be posting updates as I find time to get work done on it.



  • Banjo BoyBanjo Boy Pickin' to Beat the Devil PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Looking good crazy, take your time. Is the map going to be like a small town with many buildings like shown in your screenshot?
  • FergFerg Senior
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    Looks and sounds very cool. Keep up the good work! smile.gif How large is the zeppelin?
  • LhorkanLhorkan PVKII Team, Senior
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    Zeppelin is one aaaawesome map. ohmy.gif
  • PhobosPhobos Senior
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    That's a cool concept, but how do you get aboard the zeppelin? I mean, it's after all a flying vehicle.... and judging by the screenshot players will start on the ground below.

    And are you trying to create a realistic zeppelin setting (late 19th century - this would take the timeline crossover to the next level wink.gif ) or will it be more like a fantasy thing?
  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    More fantasy, that screenshot is from the pirates base which is on a cliff. The entire level is basically a big circular cliff setting with 3 bases on the edge and some wooden bridges etc.


  • TobbeNTobbeN Senior
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    This map sounds promising, a really great objective idea you came up with. happy.gif

    Hows it going with the zeppelin, is it done yet? Would be awesome to see some screenshots of it.
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  • SkuzzlebuttSkuzzlebutt Buttskuzzle Senior
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    Great idea for that game mode
    Will be very dangerous to fight up there.
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  • DuckSauceDuckSauce May the Sauce be with you! Senior
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    how's the zeppelin doing so far? I mean if it's moving you'd need a way to get over the crap standing on moving things source workings:P
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  • AsskickerAsskicker Senior
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    It's working nicely duck, It's a great map and great fun wink.gif
  • Khaotic'Khaotic' Dinah #1 Senior
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    keep going CT
  • RothGelenRothGelen Senior
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    Thinking about those grogboat maps sure does bring back memorizes...

    I imagine this map is basically a "cliff-donut" (as I call it) where each team will then proceed to a moving territory, which is circling and hovering slightly below ground-level in the center of the map, which is a pit. Could be interesting to see players required scale to higher ground just to be in a position to jump to a floating territory. Also, I hope spawn attacking will not be in issue in this territory map, or even a viable option.

    I have throughly enjoyed pvk_temple, and I'm looking forward to your next map installment. Keep up the good work CrazyTalk. smile.gif
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    yup zeppelin is fun. Needs work, but fun!!

    As i always say, the best game mode of pvk2 is territory. It is really frustrating in forgotten when you are trying to attack the winning team and the 3rd team are just bunch of retards and dont know what to do.
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  • FrazzFrazz Senior
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    sounds like an really refreshing map idea, keep us posted on the progress =)
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    spawn attacking sucks major a**. I hope this is impossible in this map.
  • Ole' SwiftyOle' Swifty Senior
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    spawn camping is badass.

    anyway what about random wind up there on the zeplin?

    so now and then you get pushed to the right a lil, then to the left harder.

    that could very interesting, does not have to be hard, maybe subtle.
  • Dae RyusenDae Ryusen Senior
    edited 8:51AM
    Your map does look good crazy, but when I finish pvk_leprechaun_dae.

    I think I shall be the one eating at chucky cheese my friend, meheheheheh *rubs mustasche*

    On a serious note: you say that when someone gets into it they can control it and make it move?, because if someone was to be flying the Zep whilst everyone is on the ground, how exactly would the ground troops get on if the guy driving decides to stay in the air? if possible that is.

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  • Suspect-DeviceSuspect-Device There's no such thing as rape, only surprise sex! Senior
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    Crazytalk, this map wins the internetz

    I cant WAIT until 2.1 now, and you know what ma media playas gonna be shootin out when I play on this map!
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