"Sorry your choke is too high"

SyndromESyndromE Senior
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"max choke is 15.000000"
I was thrown out of a server with the following error:

"Disconnected: Your choke is too high, max choke is 15.000000"

im not sure what this means, but im assuming it has to do with latencies.
does anyone know that "choke" thing ?


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    It means you are getting too much choke on the server because your rates are incorrect. In the console try doing "rate 20000" "cl_updaterate 75" and "cl_cmdrate 75".
  • SyndromESyndromE Senior
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    ok ill try that... what "rates" exactly are we talking about?
    and this choke thing, could you explain its uses please ?
  • Khaotic'Khaotic' Dinah #1 Senior
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    i tried the same, from trinity i think ;D
  • SyndromESyndromE Senior
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    whos/whats Trinity ?

    you people make me look ignorant... blink.gif

    and btw, the "cl_updaterate 75" command shows as cl_updaterate 60 ... it just wouldn't stick to 75.
    anyway. would these affect other source games/mods as well?
  • Khaotic'Khaotic' Dinah #1 Senior
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    Trinitygames.net Dallas its some american servers
  • MahaTmAMahaTmA Senior
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    Choke means the server is trying to send you data faster than your client can handle, and stuff gets caught in the queue.

    Did you try other servers? (For fear of stating the obvious smile.gif )
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  • SyndromESyndromE Senior
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    1st of all, thank you all for your help & support!

    well, sure I tried other servers...
    the choke thing came up only twice though.

    I did not play much after setting the commands suggested by CoolCookieCooks,
    so i'll first go play some, and if I stumble again with that choke error ill be back for a second advice.

  • SyndromESyndromE Senior
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    ho no... yet again this choke error appeared (same one).
    any other configurations I should try ?

  • BladeBlade PVKII Team
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    Based on the connection speeds in our country, i'd use:
    rate 25000
    cl_updaterate 30
    cl_cmdrate 30

    Works well for me.
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