Just to clarify, and Siegfried this concerns you and others.



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    uh and what about the cistercian order... that made up or real to.... if it was real then you shouldnt talk about blasphemy yourself

    and blah whatever-_-

    and I say have fun murdering him, and have fun in prison afterwards mwuahahha

    the cistercian order is a catholic order that was created by bernhard von clairvaux as the knights templar.. they were trained in the cistercian order in chrsitian teachings until they were volontarley joined the holy crusade and with gods help they joined the templars

    but the diffrence is the cistercian order still exists and is christian schools theasedays.. they are not dead and no one know what they existed for... the diffrence is you can just ask an cistercian what they believe in and a templar you can never really know what they holy cause was down in Jerusalem.. to commit blasphemy you must remake it or only use the name for your own sake
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    Blasphemy made Templars cool. SISTERcian order is pansy.
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    Hmm another Knight clan to compete with. This shall be interesting.
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    QUOTE ([Rapid-Fire] @ Dec 6 2007, 10:12 AM) »
    Your post is the world's greatest proof of reincarnation; no one could get that dumb in just one lifetime.


    You win the internet!
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    Um, where is the S2 thread?
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    I asked the same thing and Rapid told me he deleted it.
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