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So you've got PVK1 and you're looking to set up a dedicated server, but for some reason it's not showing up in the list!

1. with the release of protocol 48 for goldsource servers the appid for the HLDS game servers changed

2. for the Steam games list Dedicated Server (at least) the appid was not updated but can be manually fixed, custom dedicated server installs (pvk, svencoop, fa , etc) may also be missing this as well.

3. create a text file called steam_appid.txt in the root of the dedicated server mod (where the liblist.gam is)

4. put the new appid number in that file. (For PVK you would put 70)

5. the most common symptom of a server having the old/incorrect appid is client fails to connect to the server w/: STEAM validation rejected or the server not listing on the Steam Server master list.

6. for HLTV to work for your dedicated server you must also have a matching steam_appid.txt in the folder where the HLTV.EXE is.

7. to verify you need/have the new appid, just run your server and enter "status" in console, the number is at the end of the version line (#)

hostname: Counter-Strike dedicated server
version : 48/ 4382 insecure (10)

here is a complete list of all the new appids, the descriptive lines are all commented out,

only put the # in the first line, so for cs 1.6:


# HLDM and GoldSource 3rd Party Mods (pvk, svencoop, fa, etc.): 70
# Counter-Strike 1.6: 10
# Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: 80
# Day of Defeat 1.3: 30
# Deathmatch Classic: 40
# Opposing Force Deathmatch: 50
# Ricochet: 60
# Team Fortress Classic: 20


Win32 Stock Servers installed/updated via hldsupdatetool appear to be getting updated ok (linux ok?).

More information and discussion here: work CG1 & Inuyasha|CH).

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