My Pirate story (The Isle of Wattini)

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The Isle of Wattini

It was a fair summer night on the date that would change Tim Thatcher’s life. He was currently between jobs and had not been on the open sea for weeks. Tim was a pirate who usually did things such as plundering merchant ships rich in goods, which could be sold for precious gold. Tim was at one of his usual drinking wells, the Squawking Parrot. It was a pirate club and was well hidden in the pirate community of Gasher. Today was regular for Tim and because of his unemployment it was also extremely boring. He ordered an ale from the bartender. A few sips into his drink and Tim noticed a party enter the Parrot. They were a grim, motley looking bunch wearing baggy trousers, bandanas and feathered caps. The leader wore a coat as dark as night and walked with a bit of a limp. Tim soon noticed his peg leg and a multicoloured bird on his shoulder, a parrot. The six burly males ordered some ale and took a seat at a round, wooden table at the back of the dingy, dirt floored bar. Tim continued to watch the group and noticed a slight glimmer; it turns out a leg wasn’t all the leader lost. A hook glinted as he put his arms on the table. Tim was really interested now he was convinced that these men were pirates and he could get another job. He quietly moved closer to the bunch when they weren’t looking. He hoped to catch a few words from the discussion.
“I be thinking we should start recrutin’ soon.” Stated the man with the parrot, “we should start tomorrow af’ernoon.”
“Aye, Cap’n,” responded the men.
“Got a long day lads, ye’ better get some rest.”
The men stood up, threw a couple of coins down on the table and left.
Tim was more excited than we had been in months. He planned to look for the recruiting pirates the next day and perhaps go on his first real adventure.

Tim awoke with a start and nice and early. As he dressed he remembered the pirates the previous night. He put on his belt with his trusty cutlass, the first item he stole while plundering several years ago. He also owned a flintlock pistol, which killed many of his foes. He looked in the mirror and noticed that he looked the part. Tim headed out and traveled to the dock. It was sunny as it always is in the Caribbean; the palm trees swayed lazily in the breeze as the sun was rising. It is probably raining at home Tim thought. Tim was English by birth and only came this far from home recently. The trip abroad was treacherous and many of his shipmates died from illnesses such as the dreaded scurvy. He came this way with other pirates for the promise of riches beyond his belief. Tim ended up getting nil. Tim spotted a large galleon with men running on and off of it with large crates and barrels most likely filled with goods such as food, powder, shot, rum and other necessities. She was armed with six cannons and flew the Jolly Roger, which was ok, because they were in Gasher; with the nearest fort far away. These look like the pirates that are recruiting he noted to himself. He approached a gargantuan man with muscles the size of boulders and asked
“when and where ye’ be recrutin’?”
“Down at the Parrot” said he “It be startin’ earlier than planned so ye’ be able to sign up now.”
“I’ll be doin’ that,” replied Tim. He headed down the dirt road to the Squawking Parrot and entered it. Inside stood the familiar captain calling out
“if anyone be brave enough he will get his share of riches!”
“I be brave enough!” Shouted Tim.
“Come o’er ‘ere lad,” answered Captain, “name?”
“Tim Thatcher.”
“Have you any experience?”
“Aye, much.”
“Welcome aboard lad, sign here.” Tim signed the sheet of parchment quicker than he wrote anything in his entire life. A pirate next to Captain started to hand Tim a cutlass but, noticing the gold hilt at his side, stopped.
“Ye be referrin’ to me as Cap’n, we set sail at mournin’ tomorrow.” Said Captain “help stock the ship and put yer gear in the bunkhouse onboard.”
“Aye Cap’n see ye’ in the mournin’.” On his way out Tim noticed several other men step forward to join as well. Tim departed from the Parrot and headed homeward. He took a few belongings including some clothing, a compass and a dagger and headed to the ship…

The mourning was bright and temperate just like the day before. Captain and a bunch of the crew were already at the ship.
“Good mournin’, Tim we be leavin’ as soon y’all be here. We will have a total group o’ fifty lads once ye’ all are here.” The rest of the crew showed up within the next hour. Tim examined them as they came, one by one. Each had his own collection of scars. Bandanas, hats, baggy trousers with patches and tunics were popular among them. Tim was confident that headed by the seasoned captain this crew would be formidable against any attack by the royal navy or enemies of any other sort…

They had been sailing for about a week now looking for the mysterious and elusive Isle of Wattini. It is fabled that a glorious treasure is to be had on the island protected by a primitive native tribe of savages. The men were starting to get restless and rowdy and each day seemed to drag on for Tim and the crew. Much of the supplies were starting to dwindle in numbers and they seemed no closer to finding it then the day they started. The only thing leading them was the seasoned captain, his compass and a very dated map.

Tim was now the lookout and he called “merchant ship port side!” and pointed. Captain spun the wheel setting course for this new target as the men readied the cannons. When they neared it, Tim examined the ship. It was lightly armed with only 2 cannons. The ship tried to get away but, because of its weight the pirates overcame it. The Jolly Roger was raised and it fluttered in the wind. Cannons went off with explosive impact as a result, killing many of the merchant shipmen. Captain brought the ship along the side of the merchant ship and called out “BOARD LADS!” The men all jumped onto the enemy ship using hooks and sturdy lines. Some of the men lit kegs of powder and threw them onboard; the shards maimed and killed some merchants as they went off with a blast. Viciously outnumbered and under armed the men on the merchant ship stood no chance against their pirate oppressors. Even knowing this they fought to the last man. Steel clinked as swords hit each other the pirates fought well but also fought unfairly challenging the enemies to a sword fight then pulling out a gun. These tactics reigned supreme and the pirates won out with ease only losing five men and the others uninjured.
“Good work lads!” praised Captain “now load up them goods.”

The pirates worked quickly dragging crates and barrels filled with high quality goods from the merchant ship to their own. The Jolly Roger flying proudly in the air. It was several weeks more until the pirates found the island. The pirates anchored the ship close to land and rowed the rowboats to the island leaving a few men behind. Only now while off the ship did Tim get to see the extent of the damage. It was fairly minor with some splitting to the hull we were lucky it was under manned thought Tim. They trekked through the high growth of the jungle and looked for hours for the treasure and suddenly heard sounds. A deep bass noise, drums, battle drums!
“Arm yeselves men!” yelled Captain and the men loaded their muskets and drew their cutlasses. Jungle men ran at them from every angle shooting darts out of their small pipes and stabbing with stone spearheads and wooden swords. The pirates responded brutally with gunfire and cold steel, hacking away at the savages. Some of the savages fell within the first seconds of battle but, more charged from the thick bushes. The darts were poorly aimed but hit some of the pirates although they were hit the pirates continued to fight. The captain fired his blunderbuss hitting two and once with the spray they both fell with a shower of red. His parrot flying overhead, squawking the pirates continued to slice their enemies and a few were beaten badly by the wooden clubs but, were unmatched. Blood was in the air and could be seen Tim killed plenty on his own with his accurate aim and skill with his blade. With superior weaponry, intelligence and combat behavior they sent many tribal braves to their graves and many running and shrieking from the sound of the guns.
“Scurvy dogs!” yelled Captain after the fleeing tribesmen. The loses were many for the tribe but, only four for the pirates with no cure for the poison the darts put the four to a slow death.
“You fought valiantly.” Praised Captain “now let us avenge your mates and get some treasure!”
The pirates hunted for a few days more before finding the treasure; camping out at nighttime and taking turns keeping watch. They never did see anymore tribesmen. The treasure was located high on a hill in a large cave. Many footprints lead in and out of it and the treasure was placed on a sort of altar of stone as if being worshipped.
“Alrighty lads load it up and lets get out o’ this godforsaken place.” Said Captain.
“Aye Cap’n!” responded the pirates with enthusiasm. The treasure was loaded into burlap sacks…

A gun shot in the distance and Tim yelled “there is more than us on this island!”
“Get to the ship,” yelled Captain. They ran through the jungle and into a clearing. Suddenly, shots were fired all around them and some of the pirates collapsed.
“Garr take cover!” someone yelled. The pirates dove behind a rocky outcrop nearby. Bullets pinged off the side of its surface. Captain shouted “Return fire!” The men obliged loading with speed they let loose a flurry of bullets toward the dense bushes. Several pirates fell forward from their hiding places.

More pirates! Thought Tim. Seeing they wouldn’t get anywhere by firing at sheer rock the pirates emerged from their cover a brutal bunch they looked almost as capable as Tim’s group. His group was also outnumbered by ten or more they charged with their swords raised and again the pirates let loose a hurricane of bullets at their targets several came crashing to the ground in pools of blood. Tim reloaded shot, killed another, reloaded and shot one more, then drew his own cutlass.
“Draw men!” commanded Captain. The pirates engaged in a ferocious, deadly torrent of swordplay. Men fell as their hearts were pierced and their limbs were slashed. Death was all around him but, Tim knew that this couldn’t be his day especially because they had the treasure. Sparks flew and guns flared as the battle raged on. In the corner of his eye Tim saw Captain fire his blunderbuss, with a BANG! An enemy pirate was taken down, his head nonexistent as a blizzard of scarlet flew. Even when evenly equipped, Tim could take on any one of the opposing force and he killed many. Again he glanced over and saw Captain taking on what looked to be the leader of the opposing side. Even with his peg leg Captain was an excellent fighter, although this man seemed to be giving him a hard time. His parrot flew overhead and was squawking and peaking at the enemies throwing their concentration. Captain parried perfectly throwing his enemy off balance as he finished his enemy with one accurate slice to the throat. An enemy on his knees was behind Captain and swung his sword… it landed with a thud and Captain stumbled, turned around and killed his attacker. The blow had hit his wooden appendage. The battle had finished with one final shot to their enemies. They had reigned victorious thanks to Captain’s leadership and the men’s skill at arms. Bodies were everywhere in pools of crimson and the injured shrieked, as they were finished off. No one would lay there and die in agony for the battle was well fought. Only seven remained standing in Tim’s party, Captain and his parrot were also ok and fairly unscathed save a few cuts and one hacked wooden leg.

The pirates collected their well earned treasure and headed back to the ship. The five men there were still alive and there was no sign of the enemies’ ship; they must have come from the other side of the island…

Many months later Tim was back in England he spent his share on his own winery and bar and lived happily for the rest of his days telling stories of his adventures to customers and vowing to some day captain a voyage of his own.

Well, what do you think?
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    Very nice WE NEED MOAR!
  • Sir StalwartSir Stalwart Senior
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    Really? You read the whole thing and liked it? I've been thinking of writing another one. Maybe vikings or knights? I'd have to do some research on Viking culture though. Any good sites? Tell me which you would rather see and maybe this weekend or when I'm not busy I will start on it.
    A real warrior isn't unafraid, he is afraid to show it.
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    Yes it was very good ^^, just a few minor errors , but not being picky it was Great.

    It was a pretty good pirate story.
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    Yeah, I know about the errors, I forgot to fix them before posting. I spelt "morning" wrong a few times I think and forgot a couple dashes(-). Nice to see someone likes it. Oh yeah, and of course a lot of the pirate dialogue is spelled incorrectly on purpose happy.gif
    A real warrior isn't unafraid, he is afraid to show it.
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    In errors i meant in plot, you shoulda did a scene heading to the isle with a trechourouse storm on the ship.
    And you shoulda described the epic loot ^^
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