desertruin - killed by ground

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im not sure if this bug was submitted before, but I know it hasn't been fixed in 2.2.

check out the attached picture, this is what happens:
I eat the red meat, then go by the red arrow direction. somewhere inside/around the yellow circle - I JUST DIE ! no real reason... just "skull" death
now this is pretty rare but i've seen other players DIE on that spot as well. I can't tell if it has anything to do with eating that food first (maybe its rotten smile.gif )

thats a very old bug - something is wrong with that hillock, I tell ya...


  • Rapid-FireRapid-Fire Senior
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    Its a feature smile.gif ever seen the movie Tremors?
  • Gez the HealerGez the Healer Amuwau! Senior
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    Damn sandworms sad.gif

    You have to walk without rhythm so you don't attract the worm.
  • J-coJ-co Tramp Senior
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    had the same problem too :-(
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  • TonttuTonttu Senior
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    Same thing happened to me.

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    As you might see there's a little bump on the sand there. What many does not know is that there lies a GIANT antediluvian viking ancestor under there, attacking crossing people lightning fast, making it seem like they die for no apparent reason.

    This is one of the reasons Vikings own.

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  • Jean LafitteJean Lafitte Senior
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    i remember i died a couple of times there, me and a viking last time, we were OMG
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  • LordTrilobiteLordTrilobite Baron Grunwald disapproves. Senior
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    I've had that I think about 5 or 7 times, and it's been in pvkII as long as I can remember.

    also has nothing to do with the food itself, it's the fence I think. Anywhere near the fence is a death zone (although I've never been killed at the pirate end of the fence past the food).
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