Ban Apeal

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2)Can't remember, but most likely UST Maudarazy or Maudarazy
3)Can't remember...sometime in '07...
4)No clue
5)I think it was island...not sure though
6)Again...can't remember...I'm about 70% sure it was a PVK Official Server
7) clue
8)I don't remember how it all went down, but I think I glitched on island and got a ban for it. I remember seeing chest glitches on other servers and decided to try it once and getting banned for it...but I can't remember if it was this server or not. If it wasn't for a chest glitch...then I have no idea why I would have gotten banned. Anyway, stopped playing after that case and got back into it seeing the recent class release and combat overhaul. I would like to be able to play on the Official Servers and if the ban was for glitching, I apologize and promise I have learned the error of my ways.


  • BladeBlade PVKII Team
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    [UST] Maudarazy : STEAM_0:0:6661701 (permanently)
    When: 3/13/07
    Reason: exploiting chest in island
    Banned by Blade

    Seems like it was over a year ago.
    I will unban you now.
  • MaudarazyMaudarazy Members
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    thank you
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