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Skins for heavy knight, archer, shields, banners and flags
Some new work for the PVKII knight team, based around the Knights Hospitaller. Includes textures for the heavy knight, archer, banners and flags, as well as two options for shields. Arm skins are also modified. Now, I have a nagging feeling I've missed something out in the modification, but I can't see what. If you see anything that could be improved or is missing, do say.

Very special thanks to both Pest and ArabTheViking as their previous work made this possible: the heavy knight is very much based around Pest's earlier archer, with which a slightly modified version is included in this pack. Shield sprites for the weapon select menu are included.


image image image
▲ The heavy knight. I left the chainmail the standard grey as it makes a good contrast with the black plating (that and its how my reference images had it).

image image
▲ The archer. This is really not much different from Pest's original archer. I simply restored the colour in the face, modified the shape of the cross to match my references and darkened the white on the cross so it was easier on the eye. No other changes were really necessary, Pest did a great job on it.

▲ The standard Knights Hospitaller shield. View model screenshot here.

▲ An alternate Knights Hospitaller shield. I also found another reference saying it was a Knights of Jerusalem shield, but it noted that they were a later off-shoot of the Hospitallers anyway. View model screenshot here.

image image
▲ Banners and flags.

▲ And again, another horrible attempt for the timer flag. Slightly easier on the eyes this time though. Beware, I find I'm confusing it with the pirate timer when giving it a cursory glance in game.
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• Heavy knight skin - Sabre, using materials by Pest and ArabTheViking
• Archer skin - Pest, modified by Sabre
• Arm textures - Sabre
• Knights' banner - Sabre
• Knights' flag - Sabre
• White cross shield - Sabre
• Red cross shield - Sabre
• Sprites - Sabre

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  • JeralJeral Teh Sieg. Senior
    edited 9:05PM

    Awesome work again.
    Eri Sawachika/Erza Scarlet/Satsuki Kitaooji <3

  • -Valemarr--Valemarr- The Smiting Smiter Senior
    edited 9:05PM
    Wow, really nice. Can't wait to see your teutonic knights
    That one Teutonic Knight that used to smite thee.
  • DreamtaleDreamtale Senior
    edited 9:05PM
    Looks great. just gotta figure out how to use em.
  • PhobosPhobos Senior
    edited 9:05PM
    Just follow the instructions in the readme.txt and replace the necessary files in your pvkii/materials folder. Just like I did 5 minutes ago. wink.gif
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