Official Server Admin Plugins?

I'm not really sure this is the place, but I think this will hopefully get a response from someone who knows.

My question relates to this thread:

I decided to basically give up on finding a fix to my problem, and instead when to play on a PVKii official server, #3 I believe. If I'm not mistaken, you guys have metamod and sourcemod both on (as well as a cool IRC report feature) but still manage to have your mp_roundlimit/mp_winlimit working. Is this really the case? If it is exactly how did you get around the problem, if it ever was one for you? If anyone knows this would be a huge help to a lot of people running server across many mods as I've encountered it in FFoF as well.


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    im nor sure what ure trying to say but all i know is that sourcemod commands begin with sm. ex. sm_votemap
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    I think theres a difference between windows and linux here. My linux box with it doesnt work properly
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    Well mine is a windows. What are the official servers are on, or do they vary?

    And sorry darewinder if I'm not being clear. I know how to use the plugins, however, there is a reoccurring bug seems to prevents either mp_winlimit or mp_roundlimit from working after the plugins are installed. Mp_timelimit and mp_roundtime (or something like this that determines how much the counters in the top right are set at) both work before and after putting the plugins on.

    I noticed, however, that metamod and sourcemod are being used on Official Server number 3, and yet they don't have the same problem with the command not working.

    So I guess I want to know if whoever set up the server did something specifically to address this.
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    We run SourceMod and the "nextmap" plugin is broken until the next release 2.1 (hopefully there will be a fix, Akz is working on it)

    Because the scoreboard comes up at the end of every round the "nextmap" plugin picks that up as a sign it's the end of the map and changes the level.

    If you remove the "nextmap" plugin it may have side affects I believe such as removing some of the map management features of SourceMod and removing entries from the admin menu's as a number of plugins rely on "nextmap".

    So for the Official server we have removed the "nextmap" plugin for now.
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    Thanks Rothgar, that is incredibly helpful! Thank you very much
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    thanks heaps guys, had the same problem.
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    Glad I could be of help.
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