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These are simple guidelines for those looking to apply to the team!


No need to apply for beta tester or server admin! This is for Dev applications only.


Examples people! We can't judge your work if we don't see it, so make sure you provide us with examples!


We aren't always looking for every position. There are certain spots that need filling which can be found on our Join Team Page. However, if you feel your skills are exceptional and something we would be interested in feel free to apply even if the position is not listed!


Only apply if you're willing to dedicate some time to the development of PVKII. There are too many people who join the team never to even complete a single project!

All in all, we're an easy group of people to get along with and have fun doing what we do. So, if you'd like to be a part of our team feel free to apply in this forum.


Please don't waste our time. Only apply if you genuinely have the time, inclination and skill to further PVKII!


Many applicants will be wanting to work towards a popular position like Environmental Artist, Mapper, or 3D Artist. In applying for the team, you understand and agree that your work will be judged by Developers, and that while we appreciate all applications, efforts, and support for the game, we have the right to accept, decline, abandon, or hold your application based on our standards of qualification.

Finally, by submitting your work to the game, you agree to let us use it in the game. If you need to leave the team at any time, you agree to allow us to continue using that work you submitted in any way we see fit for the purposes of the game, advertising for the game, etc.

Best of luck and thank you for your interest and support!



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    Priority Positions/ Capacities and Status Definitions

    Priority Positions/Capacities:

    1. Programmer(s) - Must be experienced with C++ , and ideally, the Source Engine. A creative problem solver and team player who can work with senior programmers to frequently update private build content. Taking on the role as an additional coder you would be an essential, positive force for the future development of the game. You should be passionate about PVK2, it's community, and seeing updates through to the very end, no matter the size.
    We require assistance with creating & polishing gamemodes, implementing hint/tutorial systems, and working with the ui artist(s) to create the best visual experience possible.

    2. 3D Artist or Environmental Artist or Level Designer - Whether you specialize in animals, characters, weapons, or props, we need you! Must be able to produce lovely-looking models and textures that fit in with PVKII's art style. Ideally, 3D artists work with our environmental artists to fill levels up with various props and assets. Modelers must be able to skin their own models and compile them into the game. Environmental Artists may also take charge of their own map, or a map in progress, and completely revitalize the visual look and feel of the map. Experience with the Source engine is ideal. Animation support, and pipeline support for your preferred modelling/texturing programs are currently available.

    Status Definitions

    Developer: A team player who frequently produces content for the game on their own schedule. Consistency matters. Officially on the developer team, has more freedom for say and impact, and is passionate about the future of pvkii.
    Authorized Creator: A passionate fan of the game, trustworthy in every sense of the word, and who produces content when they feel like it.
    Contributor: One or more contributions to the game. (i.e. purposely gives an asset pack, or content used with permission and/or credit)

    Applicant: Someone who wishes to apply for any of the above statuses, has submitted a public or private application, and who is willing to follow all publicly and privately displayed guidelines, both verbal or typed, to fulfill their role.

    Ultimately, you would be able to do work that excites you! Creating awesome content that looks great in your portfolio and in the game!

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