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Alright, guys.. I would be very pleased if you could solve this problem for me, here`s the deal. I have installed half-life v45/ in C:/sierra/half-life.
Downloaded PVK 2.31_setup, installed it in "both" C:/sierra/half-life and C:/sierra/half-life/PVK, I launch HL, custom game as "Pirates, Vikings and knights" -- LAN -- Create Game -- and the usually console pops up with a PVK bgground pic, typing loads of errors, invailds maps .. etc.. etc.. and my HL shutdowns with a "Program not responding" mess.

Help? :cry:


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    1) use steam. If you dont use steam, find yourself pvk_2.1 (2.31 is basicly 2.1 that has steamfix+ some custom stuff)

    2) get newest version of nonsteam HL (that would be

    3) remove PVK from c:sierrahalf-life
    Mods should always and always be in their own folders under HL (aka Half-lifepvk)
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    It didnt work on my computer, but succesfully completed install and launched the game on my friends computer. He can join both LAN and internet games, but cant create his owns. But nevermind, I will probably figure it out, but I do got one more question. (I know I can probably read about it somewhere but what the heck) I assumed you/they are about to create a PVK2, got an idea when this game would be completed?
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    Does your HL function properly? Can you start singleplayer? I suggest reinstalling HL just to make sure that it isn't the faulty one. Btw, how does your friend join internet games when WON is down? I suggest you start using steam as not all HL1 updates are available to nonsteam-HL1.

    For the Question: They are creating PVK_II as a Half-Life2 modification so you'll need to have Half-Life2 in order to play it. ( once it's released ofc )

    They havent yet announced any release date, but first beta should be coming soon. (soon as Soon, not "soon")
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