2009 was so much better

Pvk2 is not same as it was 10 years ago.
Its becoming more like team fortress2.. just a team1, team2, team3.

And his gameplay is differend now.

These newer classes since sharpshooter changes game dynamics and it is not something...
I dont say.. you still can play of course... but this is not what left me impressed.
I predict that game even gets worse with those lord and healing characters.

Pvk2: was best ( my opinion ) when:
Pirates- skirmirsher, captain.
Knights- knight, archer.
Vikings- berserker, huscarl, gestyr.

These characters was top. They had their place. Realistic graphics.
Now even if you look at these newer characters ( i.e. assasin & bondi ) - their 
designs seems somehow childish and not from this game.

Please replace berserker first weapon ( 1 axe ) to bondi shortsword ( first released with original damage ( before nerf ) ).

Notice: 'Trinket wars' mode, was boring every day.
Notice: Sharpshooter class should be moved from pirates -> knights team. Replaced with mixed white&blue tunic. 
Or at least have no rifle...

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