Soundscapes Refuse to Work

Hello, I've been working a map for a while and have almost finished it. I just ran into a major problem and that is soundscapes do not work at all. I'm trying to use "temple_hallways" and "Forgotten_silentwind" and they just don't play. I've tried troubleshooting as best as I can. I checked for leaks, there are none. Even to confirm, I made a large skybox around my map and that still didn't help. I've also tried making test maps for soundscapes and they won't play on them either. I know I have the correct soundscape names. I thought maybe my game files were messed up so I even reinstalled to a different location and that didn't help either. Does anyone have any idea what my problem is?


  • So I discovered that it seems the soundscapes used in PVKII are per map and not global. That makes no sense to me. So I suppose to use these soundscapes I have to recreate them...
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