Adepts of Combat: A competitive 2v2 league!

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The Adepts of Combat 2v2 league!
Calling all PVKII players, old and new!

This tournament series will use the same familiar 2v2 rules as the classic Masters of Combat series.
Double elimination bracket
EU and NA players welcome.

March 16, 2022
March 21st, 2022

$40 Prize Pot!
$100 Prize Pot!
$250 Prize Pot!


Game Rules:
2 vs 2
Double Elimination Bracket.
Only One of each class can be chosen. (AKA Class Limit = 1)
Changing classes is allowed
Map is Arena, no pickups except for an ammo pickup in the center and one underground. 

Friendly fire is enabled.
Specials are disabled.
Moving kick is disabled.
Attack indicators are disabled.
Third person is disabled.


To alleviate scheduling problems, this series will played not in a single day as before, but instead as a season. Once teams have entered, they will be placed in a bracket and determine a time to play their match with a referee present, on either the NA or EU server. Players are free to schedule matches whenever they are convenient for them.

How to enter:
Enter as a single player to be assigned a team mate, or enter as a 2 man team here:

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