Masters of Combat 3: A 2v2 Tournament Series!

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Feburary 13th 6:00 PM MST
5:00 PM Check-In Starts
$20 Prize Pot!

The third entry in the exuberant tournament series for Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2. Competing teams survive the harsh winters, the bloody wars, and the long journeys just so they can face each other in the radiant sands of lts_arena. Make no mistake, there is no trial greater than the Masters of Combat tournament! Please join us so you can experience... the THRILL...

Last tournament, we had three teams compete in extended PVK2 matches, who all fought excellently despite the format changeup. 1st place were the Bidomiums, 2nd were BEEF & KEEF, and last were the Hide and Seekers. You can watch the recap video here: 

Check below for tournament rules and the sign up link.


Team Banners!: 

Create a banner for your team and get it included in the map that will be used for the tournament! 
Only registered teams will be included. Provide a link to it in the comments below!



Tournament Rules:
2 vs 2
Double Elimination Bracket.
Only One of each class can be chosen. (AKA Class Limit = 1)
Changing classes is allowed.
Map is Arena, no pickups except for an ammo pickup in the center and one underground.

Friendly fire is enabled.
Specials are disabled.
Moving kick is enabled.
Attack indicators are disabled.
Third person is disabled.


How to play a 2v2 match:

To determine which team gets to choose their side, Pirates, Vikings, or Knights first, the ref grants the first choice to a team at random.

Once sides are decided, they play a “Match”.

A match has two halves.

Each half is a Bo5 of LTS rounds.

When a team wins 3 rounds, they win the first half. Players switch from their Pirate, Vikings, or Knights side to their opponents side. The next half is fought.

If both teams win one half each, an overtime half is played.

In overtime, teams switch back to their original sides. After each round, teams switch sides. The team that wins two rounds wins the match.

Whoever wins advances in the bracket!

On the day of the tournament, look at the server list for the Masters of Combat Tournament Server. You check-in simply by joining the server. Password for the server will be given to you after you register.

Want to participate? Find another player and sign up for free as a team here:

Don't have a teammate? Sign up as a solo registrant and be paired the day of the tournament:

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