[RELEASED] Minor Update & Changelog (Beta

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PVKII Minor Update!

An update has been released for PVKII. Server owners, please update your servers! This update includes: class changes, enhanced bots, new music, and plenty of code and map fixes.


View changelog below:

  • Sharpshooter: Added flexes, toothpick, and matchstick
  • Man-At-Arms: Updated Mace and Buckler animations by Lord B
  • Heavy Knight: Updated Sword and Shield animations by Lord B
  • Man-At-Arms: Reduced Crossbow reload time from 3.25 to 2.75
  • Captain: Blunderbuss is deployed faster (from 0.50 to 0.25)
Code Fixes & Updates
  • GrogBot: Bots now block, parry, and counter attack
  • GrogBot: Added Extreme difficulty level (Command: bot_difficulty 3)
  • GrogBot: Various tweaks to combat logic
  • GrogBot: Decreased chatter frequency
  • GrogBot: Fixed sched fail when seeking enemy trinket carrier
  • GrogBot: React to damage while trying to refill hp/armor
  • GrogBot: Fixed softlock when carrying a trinket with low armor
  • GrogBot: Extended addbot command with new features, format is: addbot [-count <num>] [-profile <name>] [-name <botname>] [-team <name>] [-class <name>]
  • Added “friends playing now” to main menu
  • Added randomizer mode (mp_randomizer and ruleset)
  • Added new callvote to enable/disable bots
  • Add "extendmap" command for server admins, extends map time limit by x minutes
  • Rich presence now displays map name on Steam
  • Special kills for Man-At-Arms are now marked properly
  • Fixed several sounds playing twice with lag (zerk yell, kick impact, bondi special...)
  • Fixed killstreaks being awarded on death in Team Deathmatch
  • Fixed inaccurate damage display on debuff hits
  • Fixed "extend map" callvote persisting over map changes
  • Rewritten HUD markers
  • Player Status HUD elements for territory gamemode
  • Achievements: Remove crouching/ducking requirement from Lay Low Aim High
Map Fixes & Updates
  • Minor map optimizations to te_sandstorm, te_tortuga, and tw_sandstorm
  • Improved map spawns for bt_forgotten, bt_glacier, bt_townsquare, te_sandstorm, and te_tortuga
  • Improved player clipping in bt_glacier
  • Improved territory zone definition in te_tortuga
  • Added Captain’s Theme and Man At Arm’s Theme by Composer Matthew Harper
  • Fixed missing localization tokens
  • Updated translations

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