Project PVK- 20 years old...

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Do you guys-newbies ever understand how old PVK (both chapters)? Seriously, PVK (as a project) is 20 years old... There is 2020, PVK was released in 2000 and second chapter, that was released in 2007 is continues to be updated. Developers is not abandoned this game, I think that they deserve respect and attention.
Sad the fact that PVKII is one of the best games on Source (in my opinion) but it is also one of the most underestimated games. Developers do everything in good faith and put so much effort into PVKII, and that's in the fact that this game is free to play.
Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is one of the long-term construction mod, like Black Mesa. But unlike BM, PVKII is very unpopular and underestimated. Well, let's just hope that after release, PVKII will be more popular.
I just saw another sad fact- all my favorite online games (like PVKII) is very, very, VERY unpopular and underestimated. And all of these games is don't have paid skins, hats, cosmetics and other bad stuff (yes, in PVKII you can choose title and parrot's color, but I think that it doesn't count because these colors and titles is free and you can get them just by completing achievements). Because of that I just made a sad conclusion for myself- people love hat simulators.
Just imagine how old PVK (as a project) are. Developers of first chapter is propably about 30 or 40 years old. Interesting, is anyone of developers of first chapter is still to be in PVKII team on this moment?

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