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Ideas for Stealth classes
Just some little suggestions for Assassin and Freebooter- their weaponry, camouflage and stealth attack.


Assassin's crossbow-pistol-

Assassin can reload this pistol while running, without slowing down, like Sharpshooter and Skirmisher, with their flintlock pistols.

Freebooter's whip-

If Freebooter try to lasso enemy, that bigger and heavier than him, then he will be attracted to him. If Freebooter lasso an enemy, that lighter than him or have the same weight, then he will draw enemy to himself. Another idea: replace whip with harpoons. Harpoons-

1- Same thing with lasso. 2- Can be charged and deal headshots, like Bondi's atlatl, harpoon is weaker than atlatl, but it can lasso. 3- You will can use it as a grapping hook. 4- Whip is melee weapon, but harpoons is ranged. Initial amount of harpoons- 2, maximum amount- 3. 5- Can be thrown without charging, but not-charged harpoon can't lasso.

Assassin's caltrops-

Assassin have 2 sac's of caltrops. Both of them can be thrown, as ranged weapon and after landing, scatter caltrops in different directions. Both automatically recover in 25 seconds.

Freebooter's poison-

Replace poison, that can be inflected on dagger with poison grenade, that can be thrown into the enemies. After landing, poison grenade bursts, spraying it's contents on enemies, that don't do damage, but it poisons. Vision of poisoned enemies gradually deteriorates and darkens. Poisoned enemies gradually slow down. Also poisoned enemies take low damage at a slow pace. The longer the poison acts on enemies, the stronger these effects will be. The duration of the action of the poison is random- 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 55 sec, 70 sec. The effect of the poisoning goes away by itself after this time or if it was removed by healer. Next poison grenade will recover in 30 sec.


Camouflage as a special attack, which is typing very quick. If you camouflaged in the light place, you become only semi-transparent. But if you camouflaged in the dark place, you become fully invisible. Time of camouflage-20 seconds. Can be canceled by pressing "F". Stealth attack do bigger damage, while camouflaged.

Assassins camouflage-

When Assassin camouflaged, she slows down a lot. But she can attack while camouflaged, without losing camouflage.

Freebooters camouflage-

When Freebooter camouflaged, he become a much faster. But if he attack, while camouflaged, he instantly loses camouflage. 

Stealth attack


To ready a stealth attack, hold "R" with stiletto and blade or dagger. After that stealth attack will start to charge (like with standard attack). Stealth attack can be released only if charge bar is full. If it doesn’t full, then stealth attack will be canceled. If charge bar is full, then after 2.5 seconds it goes down very quick. Stealth attack can be blocked only by shields. Stealth attack can be done only in neck or back. If stealth attack was done in neck, then it deals big damage. If stealth attack was done in back, then it deals very big damage. But if you missed stealth attack and did not hit the neck or back, but hit the body, head, limbs or map object, you become stuned.

If you jump with stiletto and blade or dagger from big (1.6-meter is minimum) height, then second type of stealth attack will automatically start to charge very-very quick (even faster than Bondi’s atlatl). It will release automatically if you land on enemy and it deal very-very big damage to him, and you won’t take fall damage. The higher the place from where you jumped, the more damage the enemy will receive on which you landed. But if you missed and land on the ground or on the enemy that blocked you with a sheild, then you will be stuned and get fall damage.

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