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All healer classes have those types of weapons-


Primary weapon- staff

Healing grenade

Special weapon



Health- 100

Armor- 90

Speed, in comparison with the rest healers- slow


The most strong of all healers. She have high armor, but low speed.



Rune staff

Left click- hit

Right click- block

"R"- heal and slowly armor-regenerate 1 nearby teammate which aimed at

"T"-heal and slowly armor-regenerate yourself

Most strong, long, but also most slow staff in game. All staves heal with the same speed and efficiency. The healing of this staff is doing with a magic green glow, that comes from staff (graphically).


Cone with medicinal herbs

Left click- throw cone (hold to charge, to throw it further)

All healing grenades have same functions. Upon landing, it instantly bursts, spraying its contents on teammates, thereby healing and blessing them. It is also can slow down enemies. But it don’t regenerate armor. Time of recover- 20 seconds.


Dark raven

Left click- hit with the fist (if second hand freed can hit with it too)

Right click- release or call back raven

Vikings is also have bird. Raven is not so peaceful as dove, but not so militant as parrot. Raven seeks for enemies, but he do not attack them. He detriments them differently. Raven demoralizes enemies. If enemies/enemy is in ravens field of view, he automatically demoralizes them. Demoralized enemies damage and speed is declines. They also cannot use special, if raven demoralize them more than 12 seconds. The longer the raven demoralizes enemies, the higher this effects will be. But if raven was slayed all this effects disappear instantly. But raven flies and circles high in the sky above enemies, so it will be very hard to slay him, without ranged weapons. But if someone somehow got close to raven, then raven will try to escape, like dove.


Special- Runes

Necessary weapon- Rune staff

If the staff was aimed at an enemy/enemies when activating the ability, one of the 3 magic attacking-runes appears randomlyFire rune- creates a mini-portal right in front of the staff, from which flames come out, that deals big damage. Ice rune- creates a mini-portal right in front of the staff, from which very-very cold north wind come out (like in "Cathedral" map), that deals not so big damage as fire rune, but it slow down enemies. These 2 attacks act in 4.5 seconds. Lighting rune- creates one lighting (like in "Town" map) at the aiming point. This attack can be created only in opened places. If the staff was aimed at the teammate/teammates when activating the ability, one of the 3 magic support-runes appears randomlyHealing rune- heals all nearby teammates with medium speed. Sturdiness rune- refills armor of all nearby teammates with medium speed. Speed rune- greatly increases speed of all nearby teammates. These 3 ability act in 4.5 seconds.

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