Tank class (1)- Lord

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Rename them from just "tank classes" to "tank-support classes" or just "support classes", because they also can support their teammates using musical instruments.

Almost all tank-support classes have those types of weapons-

Two-handed weapon

Weapon with shield

Musical instrument


Also, tank-support classes don’t have ranged weapons.



Health- 125

Armor- 180

Speed, in comparison with the rest tank-supports- middle

Speed, in comparison with the rest classes in game- faster than Jarl, but slower than Huscarl


Knight Lord have the greatest armor of all tank-support classes. He also have very unusual weaponry and special.



Two-handed Warhammer

Left click- hit

Right click- block

Stronger than big axe, but weaker than two-handed axe. Long, like two-handed axe.


Flail and Shield

Left click- hit

Right click- block

"R" button- take away or take back shield

Large teardrop-form wooden shield, not so strong as Huscarl’s shield, but not so weak as Gestir’s shield. Flail is very unusual weapon. Like the any other weapon, flail have leftward attack, rightward attack and overhead attack. But is don’t have stab attack. Instead of stab, flail have a 360 degree circular attack, like Heavy Knights special, but Lord does not spin be himself and he can use this attack at any time. But this attack is weakest flail's attack. This weapon have another unusual ability. Lord brandishing his flail, while charging it. And when flail spinning, it automatically do very fast, but weak hits (like Berserkers sword and axe and Sharpshooters fancy dagger). This hits can be blocked only by shields and they cannot be blocked by weapons without shield. But if Lord will get hit, while do this attack, he will be stuned. Flail charging very slow and after fully-charge, charge of flail decline very quick. And after decline, attack will fully canceled. Flail is also very long, but not very powerful.


Knight Drum

Left click- hold, to play music

All musical instruments have same functions, efficiency and controls. Character will start to play music, when holding lmb. Teammates, that hear the music or see musician, automatically get inspired. Inspired teammates have improved speed, attack speed, damage. If teammates will hear music during 15 seconds, they will have slowly health regeneration. The longer the music goes, the stronger this effects will be. If music stop to play, this effects get out instantly. Musician's very slows down, while playing music and cannot kick and do roll, while holding musical instrument so they very defenseless, while playing the music. If musician was slayed, while playing the music, all teammates that seemed or heard it get demoralized (all effects from inspire get reversed) for 7 seconds. If musician get hit, while playing the music, he will be stuned and automatically stop to play music. Musical instruments also have strength, like shields and they can be broken, repaired and restored. All musical instruments recover in 40 seconds, and armor can take away 10 seconds of musical instrument-recover. All musical instruments can get damage, when musician get hit in front, while holding musical instrument. Musical instrument can be broken in 1 hit of big weapon, in 2 hits of middle weapon and in 3 hits of small weapon or just from one fully-charged hit from any weapon or from shield bash. Lord plays "Knights theme" on his drum.


Special- Holy Hand Grenade

Necessary weapon- can be used with any weapon  

Lord pulls out his secret weapon- Holy Hand Grenade. During preparation of grenade, Lord slows down (like Sharpshooter with his horn-grenade). It takes 3.5 seconds to prepare a grenade. Grenade explodes only in 5 seconds and it don’t explodes instantly after landing, like Sharpshooter's grenade. Holy Hand Grenade do very big and strong explode, even bigger and stronger than Skirmisher's keg. Explosion not only damage enemies, it is also heal and bless teammates. Hold "lmb" to charge grenade, to throw it farther. Holy Hand Grenade is very heavy, so it cant be thrown so far as horn-grenade. The explosion is multicolored (graphically). Before explosion, around the grenade creates scream "Hallelujah!".

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