Improved-extended bot tuner

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Please, improve bot tuner and add these functions that can be tuned in:

Allow bots pick up supplies

Allow armor for bots

Allow bots use special

Bots perform players commands -  sometimes/never/rare/often/always

Allow bots use special while holding chest

Allow bots use stealth attacks

Allow bots use leg kick

Allow bots use roll

Allow bots use block


Also, include tuning function for weapons that bots will use, like:

"Heavy Knight

Two-handed Sword- yes/no

Sword and Shield- yes/no"

Include function of tuning specific classes and count of them, like:

 "   Pirates                              Vikings                          Knights               

 Skirmisher- 4                    Berserker- 2              Heavy Knight- 5

   Captain- 1                         Huscarl- 2                     Archer- 3             

 Sharpshooter- 2                 Gestir- 1                  Man-at-Arms- 1

   Buccaneer- 0                     Bondi- 3                     Assassin- 0 "

Also add this functions:

Bots choose team randomly-   yes/no

Bots choose class randomly-   yes/no

Bots waits for player before spawn- yes/no

Autobalance teams- yes/no


And also add just regular server-setting functions, like time before SD on LTS maps.

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