New gamemode- "Flag Delivery" or "Conquest"

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Probably an absolutely new gamemode. Its like "Booty", but reversed. Rules:

At the beginning of the round, on the spawn of each team at least 2 flags appear. General task for all teams is deliver all flags to the enemy bases. The number of flags to be delivered depends on the map. Delivered flags cannot be removed from base in any way. Setting the flag requires 7.5 seconds. Flags can  only be set on the special places (like chests in the "Booty" gamemode).  If the required number of flags is installed on the base of any team, then it automatically drops out and becomes spectators. Main objective is deliver all flags on the all teams bases, thereby capturing their bases and taking them into spectators. If carrier of flag was slayed the flag is drops on the ground and can be carried only by his teammates. If flag will be on the ground for too long, it teleports back to the spawn.

Now about flag carriers. If someone carry the flag, he will automatically use only flag as a weapon. Also carrier of the flag automatically very slows down significantly. And also carrier automatically inspires his teammates, increasing their accuracy, speed and attack speed. If you use special with the flag, you will increase range and performance of inspire for 15 seconds. Teammates can see their flag carriers from any distance (like chest carriers in "Booty" gamemode).
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