Shield buff

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So i know shields are kind of a touchy subject. After their nerf, they hardly see any use at all; except amongst a few players (myself included). Personally, i think the nerf was unneccisary, but the general conceus seemed to think they broken, so..

Anyways i have thought of a small buff to shields that might have them see a little more use. I think if an ally is standing closely behinf you, the shield should cover them as well. This would most notably affect kegs. It would also emphasise better teamplay.  Perhaps we could even see shield walls. This already sort of works against arrows, theres no reason it shouldn't include kegs as well.

Another thing is, if you fully charge bash an enemy carrying a chest, it causes them to drop the chest.  This should apply to skirms carrying kegs as well. Make them drop it.

And lasty, i know its been mentioned, but ill just throw it here to reiterate: make shielfs block attacks while charging a bash.

If all these things where implemented, i think it would put shields in a good spot, and we could seem more than 3 players using them.


  • I support this idea mainly shield must be more efficient against ranger class by blocking projectil while charging and reduce shield damage by projectil
    add stun effect when attacking a ranger charging his weapon or aiming
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