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VasumatiVasumati Queen of BackstabsMembers
Would it be possible to use the pvkii models in vr chat?? Or are they liscened or copyrighted or any of that legal mumbo jumbo. I think it would be hilrious to run around vr chat as the beserker while using his voicelines. "YOU ARE NO MAN!"
I dont know anything about modding or whatever, but i have a friend who get models and convert them to .mmd (which is whats used for vr chat) and then upload to my vr account. So if legal and okay for me to use them, where would i find them?? Or will i have to rip them from the game. (Iif i have permission to do)
Thanks :)


  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
    As long as they're for personal use and not offered for download publicly, that's fine.

    If you plan on offering them to others to use, please let us know and we can figure something out as far as attribution is concerned.


  • VasumatiVasumati Queen of Backstabs Members
    Nah its just for me, so i can run around in vrchat as pvk characters. Consider it free publicity!! Hehehe

    I remeber years ago we found a game using the hk model. When his surcoat was still red. Member that??

    But yeh, only for me. Thanks!
  • AlexxTZAlexxTZ Members
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